“It’s just a blogging a platform” – this is what most people often think when they hear about WordPress. They are not completely wrong, though. This 10-year-old platform started as a tool for bloggers (many popular bloggers started with WordPress), but it has evolved into a more versatile content management system. More than just creating a simple blog, WordPress has become a platform to create a fully-functional website and mobile application.


If you are a new company and would like to set up your own website, WordPress is a good platform to start with. Also, if you are already an established company, WordPress is a better way to relaunch. Why? Here are some of the good things that you may not know and might help you consider using WordPress.



They’ve Been Around For Years

In this fast-paced tech era, surviving and continuously evolving for 10 years is like being around for hundreds of years. One of the benefits of choosing a platform that’s been working progressively for a long time is that most of the bugs or fault have been worked out. There may be updates and changes but it shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. WordPress has been known to be a strong platform in the world of websites. There’s no arguing with that.


Also, if WordPress isn’t effective, it wouldn’t last that long, would it?



You Can Use It For Free

From downloading the software, using its features, creating your website, and modifying it, you can use WordPress for free. You can upgrade to have a Premium account to have more benefits and features, but basically, you can use it for free.


With over 2600+ themes and 31,000+ plugins available on WordPress, using it for free is extremely beneficial. You can use those for your own website, or you can create your own design. It’s all on you. To run WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting. There are different types of web hosting and domain platforms. You can check out some of them online and you can select which suits your needs.



It Is Mobile-Ready

Since responsive web apps are a thing now, WordPress cannot be behind the game. Most of the themes that WordPress offers are compatible with mobile web as well – without any additional customization or fee.


Responsive themes adjust to the screen size of the user, which means less hassle for your audience. You’re sure to reach your target market however they may be going online with WordPress’ help.



Even A Novice Can Handle It

Millions of people are using WordPress, and the number is continuously rising. One of the reasons why users prefer to use this platform, and more people are joining, is because of its usability. WordPress is user-friendly and the functionalities can be learned easily.


More than the fact that people can easily adapt to it, WordPress also has a lot of written articles for beginners, with different tutorials for a detailed instruction on how to use it.  Because of its easy-to-use navigation, you can already set up your own site in one day.


And once it’s up, managing your website is no big deal. WordPress has an intuitive backend which makes it easier for you to update your site and manage your contents without losing anything in the shuffle. It also has a built-in update which allows you to update your plugins and themes within the WordPress platform. Generally, it’s all automated. Ain’t that great?



You Will Have A Support Community (Not Just A Tech Support)

From normal users to professional web developers, you’ll always have a support group who can help you with any technical issue. And it’s not just a tech support, it’s a support community. Since WordPress is open source, this platform is basically a community software. WordPress has users of the platform every day and they are openly sharing their thoughts and experience in using it.


On the online forum, anyone can contribute to WordPress by posting questions or answers, writing plugins, creating themes, translating WordPress, and updating the documentation. In that way, you are engaging yourself with fellow WordPress users and you can also help them in keeping their website working properly. It’s hitting two birds with one stone.



It’s Easy To Customize

Coinciding with its usability, customizing your website is also easier with WordPress. You do not need to be a web designer or a programmer to create a site that will look presentable to your audience. There are thousands of templates to choose from for all types of industries – photography, magazine, portfolio, and even e-commerce. You’re sure to find a design that will fit your business.


On the Customize feature, you can change the colors, upload your logo, change the background, and do more cool stuff on your website. It’s friendly and flexible. You can also extend its features by using plugins so you can add extra functionality to WordPress – from adding pages and forms to increasing your SEO.



You Can Use It For Better Seo

Your website is nothing if no one will visit your site. WordPress can help you get better search engine optimization (SEO), so you will have a higher chance to be on the first page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). WordPress is using standard compliance high-quality code and it produces semantic markup, so your website is attractive to search engines like Google.


There are also different plugins that you can utilize to increase your rankings. You can execute a better SEO strategy using WordPress as its prime goal is to help improve your SEO efforts.



You Can Have A More Diverse Content

Although it was initially a blogging platform, WordPress is not limited to written contents. It can handle different media types such as images, audio, and video contents. Aside from uploading it directly on your website, like a portfolio, you can also embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Tweets, and SoundCloud audio just by including the URL in your article or post.


And it’s not just you. Your readers can also embed videos, images, and gifs in the comment section – which makes your website more interactive and friendly.



Choose To Be Better…


It is no doubt that WordPress became one of the most popular web platforms across the World Wide Web, powering more than 20% of websites on the Internet. Because of its robust and reliable feature, WordPress is being used by big companies such as Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, LinkedIn, The New York Times, CNN, eBay, and more.


Be one of these established companies and have a website that is both equally beneficial for you and your potential market. Choose to be better. Choose WordPress.

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