5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That You Need Know

Many people say that Facebook is the perfect platform for marketing a business since its number of users grows daily. With Facebook, you can get in touch, interact, and communicate with your customers at a personal level.


However, is your Facebook engagement giving you a lot of hard times? Do you always end up with time-consuming tasks every month only to improve interaction with your customers when promoting your products and services?


Fret no more since Facebook engagement is now easily manageable. You no longer need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads to raise brand awareness. You can now make that happen by using hidden tools on Facebook to help your marketing campaign be a lot more effective. 


Here are just a few Facebook marketing tools below.

5 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools


1. Facebook Messenger

Let’s start with something obvious and often overlooked by many, including some marketers—Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Marketing Tool Messenger


Even though Facebook Messenger is the second most popular mobile messaging app, not many marketers take advantage of its use. Some find it troublesome to use, while others do not see its value for marketing. Thus, if you also think the same, let this list of statistics change your mind. 


  • Reach 50% to 80% more users than organic Facebook marketing campaigns. 
  • Receive 20% clickthrough rates, especially when using chat blasting. 
  • Get 4 to 5 times conversion rates than Facebook desktop ads.
  • 30% to 50% cheaper than Facebook ad campaigns. 


With these numbers, where else do you think you can get this kind of Facebook engagement for free? Only on Facebook Messenger, which is why you should consider using it as part of your Facebook marketing strategy today!


2. Comment Guard

Have you ever not heard of “comment guard” before? If not, then you should know that it is a feature on Facebook Messenger for marketing purposes. With this, you can automatically add new contacts to your contact list when someone leaves a comment on one of your Facebook marketing campaign posts. 


To help you understand how comment guard works, take a look at the picture below.


Facebook Marketing Tool Comment Guard


If you look closely, you can see a user left a comment on one of the posts of Ninja Team. Afterwards, the user gets an automatic private reply on Facebook Messenger based on their inquiry. Once they respond to that, they are already on your contact list of your Facebook Messenger. 


3. Click-To Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger ads are like any regular Facebook ad but with a twist. Users can see it anywhere around Facebook, such as News Feeds and Stories, and when someone is on it, they get redirected to Facebook Messenger. 


Take this picture as an example.


Facebook Marketing Click-To Messenger Ads


Jasper’s Marketing sponsored an ad for their Facebook marketing campaign so more users besides their followers would be able to see it. 


In this picture, the said brand has successfully captured the user’s attention. When the user clicks on the ad, they get redirected to the Facebook Messenger chat, where they receive a response, along with a discount coupon.


4. Warm Invites for People Engaging With Your Brand

Another hidden Facebook marketing tool that you can use is to send warm invites to those people engaging with your brand. They are the ones giving you likes, reactions, and comments on your Facebook marketing campaign. Doing so should help you make them become followers or fans of your brand. 


All you need to do is go to your Facebook Business Page, go to any Facebook marketing campaign you posted. From there, go to likes and reactions and click on that. Then something would pop up like this image below.


Facebook Marketing Tool Warm Invites


followed your Facebook Business Page. With this, the user you have invited will get a notification of your warm invite and nudge them to become a part of your community.


5. Page Competition Gauge

Apart from gaining more followers and fans on Facebook, you could also check out what is happening with your competitors using Pages to Watch. This tool allows you to see how many likes and traction their Facebook marketing campaigns are making. 


To do this, go to Facebook Business Page Insight and scroll down until you see the Pages to Watch. From there, Facebook itself will suggest pages that can be your potential competitors.


When you click the “Watch Page” button, you automatically receive updates about what is happening with that particular page or competitor.


You can improve your campaign and engagement with your customers if you learn how to manage each Facebook marketing tool to benefit your business. But if you think you need help more than that, better get in touch with a social media marketing company in Singapore. 


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