5 Types Of Google Ads Management Services That Agencies Provides In Singapore

Given our current situation, we can all agree on how the marketing world has changed. Since the beginning of lockdown, Google has become one of the sources that people lean on to find what they need and want in life, including news. 


With 92.47% of the search market share, you can guarantee that many people will see the ads you release when they search phrases or sentences related to your products and services.


The problem, however, is that it is not easy to manage Google AdWords. Along with it, you have to use the right keywords and arrange them properly so your advertisements would not look or sound too promotional. 


In that case, outsource a digital marketing company in Singapore that offers services that will compliment your Google AdWords. The best part about working with a professional is that they have a wide range of services that could help your business grow. 


Here are the different types of Google AdWords management services that agencies provide. 

5 Types Of Google Ads Management Services

1. Initial Google Ads Set-Up

No worries if you still do not have a Google AdWords account for your business. The digital marketing company will create one for you and give you access to its dashboard while they’re running campaigns for you. 


To give you a clear picture of what the initial set-up would be like,  here is a list of what they will do:

  • Audit and Interview
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ad Creation and Content
  • Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization


2. Search Ads

Humans are curious by nature. That is why web search is the number one driver of traffic to websites. According to statistics, 63,000 search queries happen every second, in a day that would become 5.6 billion searches. If we calculate further, there will be more or less 2 trillion global searches in a year.


Hence, if you want to reach out to more people, Search Ads is the ideal Google Adwords management service you should get. Through this, anyone who searches related to your products or services will be able to see your ad at the very top of the search results. 


Your Search Ads placement will depend on various factors such as your:


  • Keyword usage.
  • Quality Score
  • Bid amount.
  • The landing page’s web design.


Here is a good example of how Search ads would look once released. 


Google AdWords Management Search Ads


3. Display Ads

Instead of all text like in Search Ads, your target audience will see photos in Display Ads. As you know, images have a better influence and impact on the human’s brain as they process 60,000 faster than text alone. 


That means the information included in your Display Ads will last longer in the mind of your target audience, and they will most likely remember them later on. Also, your Google Ads campaigns will most likely appear on the Search engine’s partnering networks. 


To show you how Display Ads look, take a look at the image below. 


Google AdWords Management Display Ads


4. Video Ads on YouTube

If pictures are worth a thousand words, the more videos ads are. Whether your target audience will skip it or not, they would still stumble across them as they watch videos on YouTube. 


Considering Youtube has 79% of Internet users, many people would see your Google Ads campaigns one video after another. As your target audience watches your Video Ads a couple of times, they will surely remember your products and services. 


5. Remarketing Ads

Even though many people visit your website, not all of them convert into customers. You should know that your target audience also needs time to think about their choices before they could make a purchase.


In that case, Remarketing Ads is an effective Google Ads management service. With this, people who once visited your website would be able to go there again and reconsider your products and services. 


What the digital marketing company would do is to figure out the basis of your visitors and use the data they have gathered to run separate Remarketing Ads for every segment. 

Which Google AdWords Management Services Best For You?

Choosing the best Google Ads management service for your business will depend on you, from your goal to budget.


For instance, if you are a shoe store and want your target audience to see your new collection, the Shopping Ads might be your perfect choice. On the other hand, if you have not set a Google AdWords account in Singapore, the initial set-up service will satisfy your needs the most. 


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