9 Facebook Resolutions to Make in 2019

As we near the end of 2018, it’s high time for your brand to start reconsidering it’s Facebook marketing strategies for the new year.


Having over two billion active users, every type of audience is present on Facebook; and what’s interesting is that the social media platform is finding more ways brands can engage them with the updates they recently released.


In this guide, with these new updates in mind, we outline some of the resolutions you need to make to make sure that your brand creates effective and attainable Facebook marketing strategies for 2019.


The Steps to Creating Your 2019 Facebook Strategy


1. Audit your Facebook strategy

Before anything else, you should look into your Facebook content strategy and figure out what resonated most with your audience and what didn’t. By doing so, you can identify which types of content you need to double to increase impressions as well as which ones you need to refine so they too, can hit the mark.  


The same auditing goes with your paid advertising efforts. You’ll want to measure the results of one campaign against another and see which ones work best. Again, the goal here is to do more of what drives the best results and less of what’s not working well.


2. Create a brand persona

In recent years, users are becoming less accepting of aggressive promo-based messaging. So, establishing a brand persona will make your brand more relatable. Offer them a content that offers a first-hand look at your business – whether it be a video content or stories on My Day.


3. Segment your audience

Many brands don’t consider creating content for smaller segments because of the greater costs it often comes with. But, what they don’t realise is that creating  content specific to a smaller audience has a better shot at converting because the message is tailored to be highly relevant to them.


4. Invest in quality content

2018 has recorded the most number of Facebook content consumed across the globe, with an average user spending 27 minutes per day in the app. It’s why more than ever, businesses should invest in creating quality content for 2019. The key here is to provide content which purpose is to offer substance to readers.

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5. Jump on the video trend

Now, of all the trends, it should be creating video and visual content that you should jump on. Explainer or how-to videos are in right now. You can leverage on these formats to help you stand out against others. Just remember to keep it short but precise and in most cases, 30 seconds to a minute should suffice.


6. Fund data research

Aside from quality content, you should also invest in data research for 2019. Brands that understand statistics and trends are present on the right platforms, target the right audience and spend the lowest per click cost – and it’s only obvious that you should take a leaf out of their books.


7. Activate the right influencers

As Facebook continues to grow its number of users, it’s time to think beyond traditional social media marketing – and we mean partnering with influencers who will influence the way users will see your brand, products and services. Reach out to prominent social media figures that are relevant to your brand and discover the many ways they can help you with promoting your brand.


8. Keep track of emerging tools

On top of all these, you should also consider the latest tools available and adapt them to your strategies. Almost every day, there are new tools released at your disposal, each of them designed to further amp up your online presence and streamline your marketing strategies. Test each of them and identify which will work best for you.


9. Be an early adopter

Now, all that’s left for you is to put all these into action. Don’t hang around to see others jumping on the latest trends first before deciding to try them yourself. We can’t stress further the need to experiment with every strategy and tool that comes out immediately, so if it will work for you, you’ll be the first to use it successfully in the business.


As you see, there’s so much to consider for your Facebook marketing in 2019. Nevertheless, these tips will guarantee that you’re on the path to creating a precise, workable and data-driven strategies moving forward.


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