Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Digital Marketing?

What comes to mind when you hear the term artificial intelligence (AI)? Maybe it’s a swarm of murderous robots or a society full of androids. If it’s anywhere related to these two ideas, then slow down a bit because we’re not quite there yet.


There’s more to artificial intelligence than just robots and machines. The world, as we know it, is already reliant on artificial intelligence. Take a look at your smartphone; it’s a perfect example of how AI is changing our future.



Since AI is used for processing and analysing data, it’s a viable tool for digital marketing. Companies use AI-based platforms for digital marketing solutions including customer data management, marketing automation, and programmatic advertising. 


The future is now, and it’s time we adapt to how we perceive and utilise AI in for digital marketing. The only question is: how will it impact digital marketing?



The Impact Of AI On Digital Marketing


AI is already revolutionising the landscape of digital marketing; we just haven’t realised it yet.


Picture AI as your imaginary best friend, someone that understands how you think and behave regarding your decision-making skills. It sounds terrifying as if it’s a scene out of a horror film, but it’s true. An AI-based application can do it’s best to predict your actions based on your recent behaviour.


This tactic is one of the most vital responsibilities of AI. In digital marketing, it’s all about how you—the customer—will react and perceive a brand’s efforts in grabbing your attention. After all, the role of digital marketing is to understand the consumer, and what better way can a business achieve such task other than using AI?


The beauty of AI is that it can personalise a user’s experience. Smooth user experience will attract more customers, allowing your brand to understand the behaviour of your target audience.


One problem persists, though. Humans can be frustrating to deal with, making it harder for brands to engage with their customers. Ask a customer service representative, and they’ll tell you how dealing with humans can be the worst job experience on the planet.


However, with AI-based solutions, you can make customer engagement much easier for your business. There’s no need for you to focus on customer engagement when an AI can do it more effectively.



How Does AI Improve Personalised Experiences For Consumers, Anyway?

1. Balancing Personalisation And Privacy


Privacy has always been an issue in regards to customer engagement. No one likes to be snooped around by some random stalker, which is why privacy is important for both the consumer and the business.


Since AI gathers data from users, you might think your privacy is in danger. But don’t worry about androids creeping up on you at any moment; your privacy is completely safe!


Fortunately, AI can strike the middle ground between personalisation and privacy. AI can personalise web experience while maintaining the user’s privacy.


2. Offers SEO Capabilities

The more you search for something on Google, the more you’ll feed its algorithm with complex data and analytics. Case in point, AI crunches everything you stuff it with, making itself an asset for Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) in Singapore.

Agencies that provide clients with SEO services will use AI-based mediums to analyse websites and predict further outcomes on how customers react. In short, AI is the mechanism, while SEO is the bridge that allows the former to perform its tasks.


3. Reach The Target Audience

Lastly, one of the beneficial aspects of AI is helping you find a target audience. Considering how AI both supports SEO and personalises a user web experience, it can help you find a target audience by utilising amassed data. As a result, it narrows down the search and accumulates the most commonly-shared traits among users.

For instance, Spotify is a music streaming platform that collects data based on a user’s interest in certain artists, albums, and songs. The AI utilises the accumulated data to find similar figures and offers them to the user.

This occurrence is common in other platforms as well, with social media being no exception.



The Future Is Now

It’s only a matter of time until AI progresses into something more complicated. Thankfully, AI continues to provide companies with modern-day necessities for digital marketing purposes.


Digital marketing is not an option but a necessity, with AI being the forefront of its progression. If you want your business to succeed, do what it takes to advance further by providing your customers with modern solutions.


Incorporate AI in your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services in Singapore to gain an upper hand. Remember, the future is now, and you need to adapt to survive in an increasingly competitive environment!


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