Basic Guide on Travel Insurance Marketing in Singapore

Marketing a travel insurance agency isn’t too different compared to marketing in other industries. While it’s similar to your typical travel agency, travel insurance marketing is more or less the same but with a few added tweaks.


Venture into the realm of travel insurance marketing and see how it should be handled! To market your travel insurance company in Singapore, you have to go back to basics and streamline your methods with modern marketing. In short, combine the old and new ways of marketing.


Start with the basics

There’s nothing like going back to the olden times of marketing. For travel insurance companies, the old days just might work. What form of marketing can we rely on for travel insurance companies?


One tried and tested trial is word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing.  What exactly is word-of-mouth-marketing? This basically refers to the level of customer satisfaction that’s spread to others via “word-of-mouth”. The customer’s experience with your brand is shared with others through verbal/non-verbal communication, social media, forums, and many more.


Word-of-mouth marketing is more of a subtle and passive method. You can’t rely on your agency to just “focus” on word-of-mouth marketing. You can’t prompt to deliver exceptional customer experience and expect your customers to just share their perspective with others. The results are sporadic and passive in nature. You have to be a little more patient than usual and hope for the best that your agency is doing better than expected.


The results of WOM marketing can be slow. Focus on your agency’s main line of work and you’ll hear more great reviews from your customers as long as you continue to deliver exceptional services.


Adapt to fast times

There’s no time like today and tomorrow. Times are changing fast and it’s up to you and your agency to adapt if you want your business to generate income. To do that, incorporate modern changes in your standard business set-up.


There are different ways to improve your brand. One way is to focus on your online presence. This requires you to focus on your travel insurance agency’s website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.


Fixing and updating your website should provide your customers with convenience. A web page that’s constantly updated with trends, news, and even blog posts is helpful for your customers. Build a website that’s coherent with user-friendly features. Make it a bit easier for your customers to explore your page.

With a website ready to be built, SEO should come into play. Invest in search engine ranking marketing for your agency in Singapore to boost brand awareness and improve online visibility. SEO should be the backbone of your travel insurance agency’s digital presence, as this provides a myriad of benefits such as increased traffic and website usability.


Your agency’s SEO ranking should determine how popular your ranking is online. Focus on building an interactive website then utilise SEO strategies to get the best out of your agency’s online potential.


Understanding the customer

As a travel insurance agent, it’s easy to forget how the mind of a customer works. Sometimes, it’s best to see through the eyes of a customer and understand their wants and needs.


What exactly does a customer want with travel insurance companies? One thing is that travel insurance customers usually want to see the essential details immediately. If you’re going to market your agency’s services, provide the important details first. Lay out your insurance plans comprehensive coverage and how much range it covers. Details relating to this are what the customer wants.


It’s also an advantage to market your travel insurance agency on social media where people are commonly active. In fact, social media is a good platform since it offers benefits such as customer engagement and user-friendly features. If social media is where most people are at nowadays, then it’s a good place to invest in.


Investing in a social media page for your agency also improves your SEO ranking overall. You can connect and reach a wider audience through Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. Instagram already seems like a good place to start so your agency can rely on visual graphics and content for travelling.


In the end, it’s all about understanding what your customer wants. Travellers want comprehensive coverage for their trips and convenient insurance options. Market your brand and lay it out on the table for your customers to see. By giving your customers the essentials early on, you’ll hook them into looking more into detail.


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