Best SEO Blogs 2019

Now that the year is about to end, we cannot help but muse over the time that has passed. With bright lights in the city, we are now about to cap off another splendid year both for the physical world and for the massive space of digital marketing. Looking back, we have taken part in healthy discussions here on the Internet by the blogs that we release for as much as we can. Now that we are about to usher in a new year after a month and a few days, let us look back and pick out the best SEO blogs of 2019.



Why Do We Need Blogs In SEO?


Before we start with our countdown, let us clarify a few things first: why are blogs needed with SEO? Simply put, blogs allow users to get to know you, your brand, and the industry where you’re in. Through blogs, you can engage with your audiences and inform them about many things related to your industry, or not. Blogs can also send off signals and reach a wider public if done right. This is because audiences who genuinely liked your article would share it. More than this, blogs are a great way to improve your rankings. If it contains keywords and has become relevant for many, Google will recognise the relevancy of your page.



What Are The Top SEO Blogs In 2019?

1. Search Engine Land


This might just be one of the go-to sites for anyone who wants to read what’s new about SEO. Much like checking the daily news, this site would show the latest trends and happenings on the massive digital space.


Search Engine Land was first set up by marketing expert Danny Sullivan. Search Engine Land has been providing us with techniques and learnings on how we can refine out keyword research techniques and many more. They release helpful and step-by-step how-to guides. If you are looking for the latest research here on the Internet, Search Engine Land brings it to you. They also offer tips about anything under the sun with SEO.


2. The Moz Blog


If you are looking for a trusted site for SEO matters, this might just be the site you can reach. For some of us who just got into the industry, their Beginner’s Guide to SEO served as a bible. Their blog has all the updated things you need for educational purposes, SEO tips, and case studies. They also have experiments that provide suggestions on what works best. The Moz blog is pumped with a roster of the most experienced SEO professionals that contribute posts to their blogs section. The editors, too are strict about the quality. This gives you an assurance about the information you find on their blog. This Seattle-based company is also known for the SEO tools they have.


3. Neil Patel


You may have heard his time many times over if the subject of SEO came up. He and his team have been in the business of digital marketing since 2001. If there’s something we love about what Neil Patel, it’s definitely their Google algorithm updates that you must read! Patel is great in explaining things complicated things in a way that anyone will understand because it is made simpler and more practical. Patel displays more about expertise than marketing.


4. SEMRush


SEMRush is also in the industry of offering products that help businesses with their keyword and ranking research—also important tools in SEO. This goes without saying that their blogs will talk about doing SEO. On their blog, you will find tips, case studies, and ways to avoid penalties. This will help readers learn and do SEO with much practice.


5. Yoast


For those who are looking for practical perspectives that involve real-life marketing problems, this SEO blog might be the right one for them. This Dutch company offers a sophisticated SEO blog as founded by Joost de Valk. This is famous for its WordPress plug-in that gained great success. This is the #1 SEO plug-in for WordPress. This blog will offer you insights on how to do it like they do which is to effectively use the plugin for your SEO. It also teaches you helpful SEO basics for content SEO, SEO technicals, eCommerce, and analytics.


The list above only shows a few of the many substantial and reliable blogs online. If you get to look for more, there are also a lot of other SEO blogs by SEO companies. These blogs will help us not only by improving how we practise SEO, but also in learning more things, and possibly discovering new things based on what we have read. Here in Singapore, SEO companies like OOm also generate a variety of blogs that you may be interested in. SEO companies like OOm also help generate blogs for you that can boost your brand.