Brand Development: How Brand Mascots Help Your Marketing

Walt Disney, McDonald’s, Michelin – these are just some of the brands that have their own cute mascots to parade. Walt Disney has Mickey Mouse; McDonald’s has Ronald McDonald, and Michelin the cuddly Michelin Man. These mascots, like any other mascots, help the company in boosting up their brand as they package the company’s identity with these irresistible figures. With mascots, marketing seemed to become easier, more effective, and more appealing to the audiences. With the rise of many companies these days, along with industries becoming more fast-paced, advertisement seemed a bit trickier. Every company has to think of different ways to campaign for their brand. With marketing now braving the digital space through SEO, social media, and others, how do these cutesy characters still carry their brand towards the company’s success?


What are brand mascots?

Mascots may be deemed as personalities that assume the identity of your company’s brand. They become the faces that provide your brand with a distinct personality. These personalities make your brand rise afloat from all the other brands in the business world. They can be people like McDonald’s Ronald McDonald or Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags, or anthromorphic animals like Tony the Tiger from Kellog’s Frosted Flakes. Brand mascots can also be personified objects like the boy made out of dough named Poppin’ Fresh by Pillsbury.


With brand mascots, your brand’s identity becomes more strengthened. It has now assumed a proper packaging, and a solid embodiment of how your brand is like. This is a good way for your brand to retain in the minds of the audiences.


With an effective brand mascot, you could now have a representative of your company that can endure the tests of time. It can be strategically incorporated with different trends as time goes by. Mickey Mouse, for example, started off as black and white in the 1920s. As the years go by, Mickey Mouse has also changed, but the brand’s packaging still remained.


How brand mascots help in boosting your campaign

Many companies think of different campaigns to boost their brand. Among many strategies is creating a brand mascot that highly represents your company’s brand. Creating an identity for your brand with the mascots can help you advertise your company. Here are some of the things brand mascots can help you with:


Invokes more connection with the audiences

If your brand could connect with your audience, there is a big chance that they would patronise your products. A way to connect with your audience is creating a brand mascot, and parading it as an advertisement when possible. According to a study, humans tend to see the human in everything. This is why, not only with brand mascots, but also with cartoons, humans tend to grow a connection more with anthromorphic creatures or with animals with human features. Through them, humans get to understand the world better. Humans develop a sense of emotional connection. A powerful bond as this would capture people’s emotions. Because many people adore your mascot, and are swayed by them, your brand would easily retain in their minds. They could also try out, and patronise your brand.


Builds a distinct personality

Today, it is necessary for your brand to be unique, and distinct. This is exactly what brand mascots could help with you in marketing your products. With brand mascots, your company can be more creative in piquing the sensibilities of your customers. This is where you had to ensure that your customers would fall in love with your mascot, and would create an emotional attachment to them. These cute figures assure your customers that your company is a reliable one where they can be completely comfortable. In a way, your brand mascot serves as a bridge between your customer, and your company.


This is why creating a mascot is very crucial. You have to make sure that the mascot you are parading has a sense of life in it, and is not too robotic. This would cause the audiences to be bored.


Gives colour to your brand

A cute mascot provides more colour, and life to your brand. If your brand appears to be neat to the point of being dull, you might as well start fashioning a brand mascot now.



With a brand mascot, your campaigns would hardly go wrong! They provide versatility to your marketing campaigns. You can do different kinds of gimmicks involving them.


Here are just some of the things how brand mascots help with your marketing campaigns. Today in the digital era, having brand mascots would be a good way to represent your company. Especially in the digital space where everything is fast-paced, and you really have to rely on impressions, you have to immediately grab the attention of your audiences. Some even say that brands which are promoted by mascots are found to be more endearing than those with real people.


You may have a reliable mascot, but are you sure that the population of the digital space could view your brand? This is why along with a reliable mascot, you must also seek the expertise of an SEO company for them to help your brand reach more people on the internet.