Rank keywords to the first page of Google to increase organic traffic



After engaging OOm’s SEO services, more than half of the keywords related to Mandarin Self Storage were ranked on page 1 of Google search result page.

Website traffic increased as a result of the keywords ranking on page 1 as it increases the visibility of Mandarin Self Storage on Google search result page. Almost half of website traffic comes from organic source.



Storage space rental related keywords ranked on page 1


Increase in organic website traffic

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

Mandarin Self Storage engaged OOm’s services to rank storage space rental related keywords to the first page of Google search in order to increase organic traffic to their website. OOm provided copywriting services to produce content related to the company, which helped to rank keywords on position 1 of Google search engine result page with FAQ Schema. On top of that, the website and its content appeared on the People Also Ask (PAA) section which took up more real estate space, leading to increased visibility compared to their competitors on the search engine.

People Also Ask (PAA) & Position 1 on Google SERP

Position 1 on Google SERP with FAQ Schema


If you are looking for Google expertise, OOM is the agency to go. They have deep expertise in Google and provides factual authentic information to in their recommendations. They are experts in leads generation focused campaigns.

Carrie Chu

Digital Marketing Manager

Mandarin Self Storage


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