Clickbait Content: How Does It Affect Your Business?

Catchy titles and irresistible headlines have been a part of the marketing industry since newspapers were published. The only difference with a good headline and a clickbait one is that the former is more trustworthy and reliable than the latter.


The purpose of a headline is to attract readers. While clickbait titles have the same goal, they do so in a cheesy and ill-advised manner. It’s one of the nastiest tricks on the Internet, yet many writers still use it today.


A lot of people despise clickbait, yet the tactic is still able to get readers into clicking on such articles. How come? The answer is, some readers still fall for the same old trick. Whether it’s out of curiosity or sheer interest over the subject matter, some people will still get hooked into buying the whole clickbait fiasco.


Yet another question remains: should you use clickbait content for your business? More importantly, how will it affect your business?



Clickbait: Everything You Need To Know


You can consider anything to be clickbait these days. As long as its goal is to attract readers in a funny, attractive, or compelling way, then it has the potential to become clickbait worthy.


However, not all consumers find clickbait articles sketchy or unreliable. In reality, you can use clickbait headlines to your advantage if you know how to craft catchy titles. The trick is to understand the line between a brilliant clickbait headline and a poor one.


Nowadays, with the current state of fake news, clickbait articles are receiving a negative reception. Many readers find it exhausting to scroll past countless articles with clickbait content. You might encounter a few clickbait titles, such as:


  • 10 Secrets About Earth That You Won’t Believe!
  • The Dirty Truth About Tom Cruise
  • This Tiny Mistake Might Cost You Millions Of Dollars
  • 5 Easy Ways To Become A Millionaire


These mentioned titles are examples of how you shouldn’t create a headline. Follow the format presented above, and your readers might find it off-putting. That’s why you must learn how to create clickbait content that’s catchy and compelling, but also well-crafted with meaningful intent.


As much as possible, avoid making explicit clickbait titles that most readers will avoid. Continue to make the same mistake, and it will leave a poor impression of your business. Instead, focus on creating quality content with clear and concise headlines.


Give your readers something to bite, but don’t share the whole cake! If you’re going to make catchy headlines, what are some of the things you should consider anyway?



How To Make Quality Clickbait Content?


1. Adopt The Latest Trends

Make your titles more relatable by adding trendy terms or catchphrases in your headlines! If you’re creating content that’s relevant to the latest trends, use related keywords in your titles to make them instantly recognisable.


For example, if a new Star Wars film or video game is coming out, you could write a headline titled, “The Force Is With You: Facts About Star Wars You Need To Know”. You can apply the same technique when creating content about other trending topics. Just remember to fit trendy terms or phrases if it suits the title. Avoid shoehorning unnecessary words in your title, or else your readers could think you’re trying too hard to look hip and cool.


2. Insert Relevant Keywords

Part of every digital marketing campaign is incorporating search engine optimisation (SEO). Without SEO, you’ll lose a chunk of your potential to reach your target audience. That’s why if you’re going to create catchy headlines and clickbait content, remember to utilise relevant keywords.


First off, you must research the proper keywords necessary for boosting your SEO rankings. Afterwards, you can utilise such keywords in creating content for your website, blog, articles, captions, and other resources.


Next, you must analyse the performance of your keywords to see if they’re benefitting your SEO rankings. You can discover the effectiveness of SEO by utilising keywords in your content. If you’re not receiving the desired results, try to experiment with various keywords and shift towards different styles when writing articles for your target audience.


3. Avoid Creating Unnecessary Hype

The number one reason why most people ignore clickbait content is that they want to avoid disappointment. Most of the time, articles with clickbait headlines possess little to no valuable information at all. Because of catchy and exaggerated titles, people are drawn to reading the articles, only to be disappointed afterwards.


When creating content, make sure your headline matches its content. Provide accurate information and avoid creating unnecessary hype that will only disappoint your readers.




Clickbait content is excellent for your business, but only if you know how to create captivating headlines and articles. Create quality titles and headlines that will attract readers and satisfy their thirst for knowledge.


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