Combining SEO And Content Marketing (The Right Way)

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation are the king and queen of digital marketing, no doubt about it! They’re two sides of the same coin, as SEO and content represent the technical and creative aspects of digital marketing.


Combining SEO and quality content is crucial for your marketing campaign. They support each other like two peas in a pod!


To understand why you need to partner SEO with content, let’s get a better overview of these essential components of digital marketing.



Digital Marketing 101: Content And SEO


At the core of every search engine marketing campaign is content creation or marketing, a key to building your brand and reputation. Creating content is similar to how salespeople promote their products. The difference is that with content creation, you’ll take it a step further by adopting modern tools—social media, for instance—and engage with online users.


Some of the benefits of content marketing include:


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve customer retention
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Build consumer trust
  • Establish authority


The purpose of content creation is to reach your target audience and expand your customer base. However, achieving such goals requires increased online visibility and better conversion rates. This is where SEO comes in.


On the technical side of digital marketing, SEO is at its peak effectiveness. The process involves driving traffic to your website to increase website visibility and achieve a higher ranking on search engines. As a result, you’ll benefit your business in a lot of ways, such as:


  • Increase conversion rate
  • Optimize your website for mobile use
  • Improve website speed and performance
  • Invest in long-term strategies


Overall, content marketing and SEO share the same goals: to gain more traffic and exposure. The difference is that content focuses on creativity, while SEO is more technical-oriented.



Content + SEO = Profit!


Combining effective SEO and content creating strategies is a recipe for success! Consider restructuring your separate campaigns into one to make the most out of your marketing efforts. Here are some methods to strengthen your SEO and content altogether.


1. Utilize Keywords

One of the most effective SEO strategies is keyword optimization. It gives you more insight into the user’s behaviour and will drive traffic to your website. Also, researching keywords helps you estimate the size of your target audience, allowing you to measure your SEO traffic.


You can utilize keywords in many aspects of your SEO campaign, such as title tags, links, images, meta descriptions, and most importantly, content! Combining keywords and content creation helps you boost engagement and search engine visibility. However, there’s a proper way to incorporate keywords in your content, which brings us to our next tip…


2. Write Organic Content

Being human—that’s all it takes to attract readers. After all, it’s the very essence of creating content! You need to take the organic approach when incorporating keywords in writing.


Usually, the problem with writing blogs, infographics, and other types of content is being too robotic, the opposite of organic! You may have the proper keywords that should help you understand the audience’s behaviour. However, you should utilize these terms the right way.


Incorporate keywords the right way by writing like a real person (aka humans). It will attract more readers since most people prefer to talk with a human, not a machine.

Keep in mind that creating organic content will require to avoid these grave SEO mistakes:


  • Using the wrong keywords
  • Not using keywords (at all!)
  • Poor-quality writing
  • Over-advertising
  • Lack of marketing or distribution


3. Review Before Posting

Even if you believe your content is ready for publishing, think twice before posting! Review your content to see if it has everything it needs to be optimized. Some necessary SEO elements include:


  • Links
  • Backlinks
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Keywords
  • Meta title
  • Meta description


4. Distribute Your Content

Lastly, once you’re done creating awesome content, the final step is to post and distribute it across multiple channels. There are three ways you can promote your content: third-party, owned, and paid content distribution.


  • Third-party Content Distribution – As the term suggests, you’ll let third-parties post your content on various platforms.
  • Owned Content Distribution – This refers to publishing your content through properties that are under your business, such as your blog, social media page, or website.
  • Paid Content Distribution – You have the option to distribute your content by using a pay-per-click network. That includes having to pay every time someone clicks on your link and views your content.



In the end, your content will be good for nothing if you don’t deliver it to the right audience! You could utilize social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to reach a wide range of online users.


SEO and content will forever be the building blocks of digital marketing! Couple the two together and you can rest assured your marketing campaign will go according to plan.


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