Design Showcase: Web Designs With Illustrations And Animation

Aside from having kick-ass contents and carefully crafted SEO strategies, it’s also necessary to have a website that will not just provide information to the audience but will also entertain the user while they are browsing their websites. So, if you want to impress your potential customers (or if you want to make your brand popular), you can always utilise creative illustrations and animation on your web design.


Believe it or not, having a strongly-designed does not only apply to companies that provides services for art and design. You can always go above and beyond when it comes to designing your websites, it can boost the identity of your brand.


To give you a gist of how illustrations and animation can change the way you communicate to your audience, here are some websites we found online that uses illustrations and animation effectively.


Insider tip: Click through the images to fully experience the websites’ amazing features.



In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species

Designer: Bryan James



One Design Company

Designer: One Design Company




Designer: Nerisson



Brave People Social

Designer: Brave People



Stop the Vultures

Designer: Tectonica



Miki Mottes

Designer: Miki Mottes






Animal Made



Nerds Company



Sweet Magnolia Gelato



Never forget!

Design and aesthetics are important, sure. But aside from that, you should never forget to consider the usability of your websites. Make sure that it will not take longer time to load; make sure that it’s accessible on mobile devices. After all, it’s the whole experience that makes a website more remembering.