Gear Up, Speed Up: Here’s What You Need To Know About Google Search Console And Its Speed Report Updates

Everything across the globe today can already be accessible in just a few clicks. With just a few keys to type and a few strokes of your cursor, voila! You have already achieved what you had to do. That is just how necessary the Internet is for us today. We access it whenever we want to connect with someone, whenever we need to get something done or even whenever we just simply want to be idle. For every need, the Internet is always an option, if not a necessity.


This is why search engines like Google exhaust everything they can in order to give their audiences everything they want. They have cleaned the search engine from spams and from irrelevant content as much as they could, they have optimised how search engine results pages would look like, so it becomes more user-friendly—the list goes on. One of the many things that Google has offered to make the search engine more optimised is Google Search Console and the important updates that come with it through the years. If you have not heard of this feature yet, allow us to share with you a thing or two about Google Search Consoles and their recent updates.



What Is The Google Search Console?

In a nutshell, Google Search Console allows you to oversee your site. It is a free service that gives you valuable information about your website. It allows you to check how many people have visited your website and how they were able to find it. It also allows you to figure out if the people who visit your website have accessed it via mobile of via desktop computer. It also tells you which of your pages is the most popular. It can help you in finding and fixing errors within your website, in submitting a sitemap or creating and checking a robots.txt.file.



What Are The Features Of Its Search Analytics Report?

Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report offers several features. Here are some of them:


1. Accurate Data

With Google Search Console, you get a more accurate Search Analytics report, than the Search Queries. We all know how necessary accuracy is in the industry of digital marketing. Since everything in the digital spaces changes fast, you would need to get the most accurate results you can in order to still know the state of your website in realtime. Accurate data leads you to more accurate projections and logical explanations.


2. Individual Page Count

Search Analytics report regards the links to similar pages as single impressions. If you want to track the device type and search type, there is also a separate report track to know the device type and the search type from every user.


3. More Accurate Image Click

Clicks on expanded images will be the only thing counted from image search results to your page. Before, Search Queries report all clicks on images whether it has been expanded or not, or whether it is in web or images search.


4. Data Consolidated By The Full Domain

Search Analytics offers you a more convenient solution as it pools reports like clicks, impressions, and other search data into a more unified host name containing everything that you may need. Subdomains are already considered as separate entities by Search Console.



What Is The Recent Google Search Console Update All About?

Recently, Google has published a new Speed report about their Search Console. In using the Internet and browsing the searching engine, it is a must that it also catches up with our fast-paced lifestyle. That being said, all of us need a fast web experience for better user experience. To help site owners for this cause, Google has released a preview of their Speed report Search Console at Google I/O 2019.


For one, Speed report will automatically assign groups with a similar URL into “Fast”, “Moderate”, and “Slow” categorisations. The data here will be based on the Chrome User Experience Report. This, in turn, offers the right metrics for user experience on how they experience popular destinations on the web.



We have retrieved this speed report from the Google Webmaster Central Blog. It categorises URLs according to speed and the issue that may be causing their slowdowns. You can drill down on specific issues to have the slow URLs appear at your disposal. This allows you to know which URLs to prioritize and improve. The reports also connect you to the Page Speed Insight tool for you to get know the better type of optimization as it provides information on the right optimization opportunity.


Google’s Search Console Speer report will be good for overseeing performance and for tracking fixes that you have made to your website. The report may be used to see if there is an improvement with your user experience when browsing a website that you have fixed.


Deemed as “experimental” this report may be, Google is geared on continuing on improving the metrics and recommendations for site owners.


Now that you have had an idea about Google Search Console is, handling your website will now be made easier and more intricate. However, it might take a lot of time to learn all the technicalities. It will be more efficient to seek a professional SEO company and SEM agency like OOm.