Generation Marketing: How To Tailor Your Marketing For The Generation Z

Being in a room with people of different generations is like witnessing life in different milieu flash before your eyes. There are both a sense of nostalgia and a sense of fresh vibrancy that you would feel. Well, we guess the cycle of life does not really stop and as bittersweet as it is what is new today would soon welcome an aching feel of nostalgia as it turns old. With this, the marketing industry must always be steadfast and be ready with any certain changes. Marketing strategies that are effective years ago will definitely not be effective anymore and if we did the math, we would have to include in millennials as an important chunk of our marketing audiences.


From the baby boomer’s generation of transistor radios, typewriters, and the Beatles, through the Gen X’s MTVs and boom boxes, and Gen Ys yuppies, millennial-borns or Gen Zs now comprise much of target audiences. With this, content marketers must be quick in getting on with the times that will attract Gen Zs into trying out their brand.


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What Are Gen Zs?


Basically, Gen Zs are those who are born between 1996 and 2010. These numbers seem harmless but what we’re talking about here are complete changes or differences with the people’s economy, politics, and especially culture. Gen Zs, or sometimes called Post-Millennials, Homeland Generation or iGeneration are known for their expertise in the digital industry. They are the ones more versed with social media, the Internet, and basically anything that involves electronic gadgets. As they are now ageing, they are starting to make up a large percentage of the consumer market.



How To Tailor Your Marketing To Gen Zs:


To keep in touch, here are a few tips and tricks on how to tailor your marketing campaigns according to the Gen Zs’ preferences:


1. Business With A Purpose

As you may have read from our previous blogs, this age is all about equality, righteousness, and justice—and being angry about all those things. So it seems that folks who are born in this generation are all wired up and take no shit. Some say they are entitled and such crybabies while some objectively link it to periods of recession the world has been in. Anyway, with this setup, Gen Zs tend to love businesses who not only sells their products and services—they need to have a purpose too. More than this, you also have to keep an eye on yourself because they tend to be quite watchful and would mercilessly put you under trial by publicity if anything comes up. With this, authenticity is key.


2. Promote Entrepreneurial Values

We have mentioned that Gen Zs are always angry and woke, as they say, because of growing up in a period of recession: their parents becoming laid off, funds for social services becoming cut off, and basic needs becoming commodified. With this, Gen Zs tend to prefer businesses that have qualities of positivity, inclusion, self-empowering, resilient, and more.


3. Maintain Meaningful Interactions

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Ironically, this generation offers the fastest and easiest way of communication yet people seem to be thirsty for genuine connection. Since most feel this way, you can gain their loyalty by promoting meaningful interactions and making communication more relatable and more personal.


4. Consider Developing Mobile Apps

Since everyone is on the go, most in this generation, even Gen X, Y, and boomers, rely on their mobile phones or smartphones when accessing different sites. With this, it may be best to focus on developing a mobile app for your brand.


5. Do Social Networking


Most of the people today are on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Through here, they discover a lot of things and connect to a lot of people. The mood is really a bit different when marketing on social media compared to other traditional means like TV, print or radio. Aside from it being more cost-effective and cheaper than launching commercial ads on TV, advertising on social media is also more engaging. This allows consumers, especially Gen Zs, to interact with your brand.

What to expect when marketing to Gen Zs:


Now that you know a few tips and tricks when marketing for this energetic generation, you must also be prepared. Gen Zs are known for having a short attention span. If your ad is not as enticing, they can just easily gloss over it and completely ignore it. You have to make your campaigns more catchy and entertaining.


Here are just a few things you should know about marketing for Generation Zs. Since people in this generation no longer appeal to the traditional ways of marketing on the digital space, you might need to outsource your digital marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a company to help you with this, try inquiring at OOm.