Google Ads: How Much Does It Cost?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a tried-and-tested strategy that will improve your site’s search engine ranking. Due to the cost-effectiveness of PPC marketing, many small to mid-sized enterprises utilise paid search ads to gain optimal results in a short time. When it comes to delivering your ads, however, no advertising platform can match Google Ads.


Google Ads is a high-performing advertising platform that lets you invest in quality paid ads to help you reach your target audience. When it comes to boosting search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings, Google Ads is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Not only is it free to use, but Google Ads also provides quick results so you can gain the upper hand over your competitors.


However, while you can use Google Ads for free, presenting your ads can cost a lot of money. Sometimes, people gasp at the fact you might need to pay $50 every time a user clicks on your ad. To business owners and marketers alike, $50 seems like too much of an investment for just one mere link. But if you think of the return on investment (ROI), increased ad visibility, and improving SEO ranking, paying $50 for each click doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all.



The Cost Of Using Google Ads


When using Google Ads, the cost per click (CPC) will vary depending on the keyword itself. On average, the CPC can range from $1 to $2. For more expensive keywords, it can cost more than $50.


Another matter to consider is how Google Ads uses an ad auction to determine which ads it’ll display on the search results page. Since you’ll submit a bid to show each ad, the ad auction will decide how much you’ll earn from your ads. Like a traditional auction, bidders such as yourself can set a maximum price to show how much you’re willing to pay.


Google’s ad auction aims to provide a mutually beneficial experience for advertisers. However, while it’s easy to think that bidders with the highest price will gain the most clicks, it isn’t an indicator of success if the ad lacks quality and relevance.


With that said, let’s take a look at some of the factors that will affect each of your ad’s CPC.


1. Relevance

Relevance refers to the quality of your ads. The closer your ad to its actual product, the better it is for the user’s experience.


For example, you’ll bid on the keywords “black boots”, but your website or landing page shows white sneakers instead. Even if you offer the highest amount of money, your ad lacks relevance to your web page, creating a poor user experience overall.


2. Competitors

Since other similar businesses are trying to gain the top spot on Google,  your next course of action would be to steal their traffic and leads by targeting their keywords. Doing so also includes setting a higher bid to gain more clicks.


However, as mentioned earlier, the highest bid doesn’t automatically result in more clicks. In reality, you need to create quality ads if you wish to obtain a high click-through rate (CTR). To improve your CTR, consider following these guidelines:


  • Avoid using trademarked brand names in your ad text (unless you’re an authorised advertiser or reseller).
  • Highlight unique propositions.
  • Don’t use your competitors’ keywords.


3. Keyword Categories

The CPC for each keyword depends on its respective industry. For that reason, some keywords cost more than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive keyword for a few industries in Singapore:



  • Breast implant surgery – $34.16
  • Breast augmentation – $31.10
  • Lipo surgery – $29.36



  • SEO marketing agency – $59.17
  • Website SEO services – $55.06
  • SEO services company – $35.50


Web Development

  • Ecommerce development – $49.98
  • Web designing – $44.77
  • Website editor – $43.98



Money-saving Solutions: Why Hire An SEO Company?


For startups and small businesses, investing in PPC marketing might be too expensive. If that’s the case, then perhaps hiring an SEO company in Singapore could be the solution to your problems.


Using Google Ads will work wonders for your marketing campaign. But if you want to improve your chances of success, consider working with an SEO consultant who can help you gain leads.


Here are some of the reasons why outsourcing your PPC marketing services to an SEO company is an excellent idea!


1. Reduce Advertising Costs

Bidding on Google Ads is easier said than done. Fortunately, SEO specialists have brilliant insight about bidding, including the factors that will affect the cost per click for each keyword. As a result, you can reduce the cost of advertising.


2. Access Efficient Tools

While Google Ads offers a variety of features for your PPC campaign, using a few more efficient marketing tools wouldn’t hurt. With an SEO company, you can utilise the best SEO tools to analyse your performance and understand the market.


3. Improve Productivity

Managing a PPC campaign is a 24/7 process that involves dedication and commitment. Because of this, you could request help from an SEO company that will make sure your campaign is producing efficient results.



We’re One Call Away

Since the cost of using Google Ads can vary depending on your industry and keywords, outsourcing your services to an SEO company seems like a good idea. In doing so, you can make sure you’ll get a good ROI!


If you need help managing your Google Ads campaign, we’re one call away. Contact OOm to find out how we can help!