Google Easter Eggs 101: What You Need To know?

Allow us to give you a freebie. Here’s what you’re gonna do: look up the words “The Wizard of Oz” on Google, or anything that might lead you to the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. The results might lead you to the Google results that show information about the film. Now, try clicking the sparkling red slipper. Try clicking the tornado next.


You’re welcome.


What you have just experienced is discovering what we call a Google Easter Egg. The surprises brought to you by Google Easter Eggs come in different stunts. Finding one, especially when unexpected, provides you with a pleasant shock. Sometimes, Google offers us different kinds of unique feats that give our online experience a breath of fresh air. Months ago, we have posted something about Google Doodles. Today, allow us to tell you a few things about these Google surprises called Google Easter Eggs.



Easter Eggs And Google

We might have heard of the term Easter Eggs from our Christian family and friends and from popular media at large. By what this term implies, Easter Eggs have been attributed to Easter, a religious celebration commemorating Jesus’ rise from the dead. After days of mourning and of contemplating, we welcome Easter Sunday with joyous moments with our loved ones. Since Easter is all about celebrating life, people from all across the globe do different fun activities like spending time with family and friends over scrumptious meals or hearing mass and internalising God’s grace. Another activity marked with fun, laughter, and colourful hand-painted eggs is the Easter Egg hunt.


Eggs have been a symbol of life. With this, many traditions since history have celebrated Jesus’ rise from the dead with colourful Easter Eggs and the fun search of these eggs hidden in every area. Inside every egg lies wonderful surprises with every piece found. Easter Egg Hunts may be a unique way to spend a religious celebration such as Easter, but if you are dealing with kids, this activity may help them grasp the meaning of Easter in a more engaging and fun way. With every egg found through hard work, come surprises of grace and life. 



Now, how does this relate to Google and the digital space per se? With the rise of the digital space today, the fun activity of hunting for Easter Eggs have also been incorporated, having the same idea of looking for surprises within the massive field. The digital space provides a good ground for this stunt as this is where people do most of their activities on this massive arena. Now, as users look up something on the search engine, they will be welcomed by unique surprises from Google.



More Google Easter Eggs For You

If you want directions on where to find more of these Google Easter Eggs, we might be able to give you more. Here, you will find that Google Easter Eggs are not only limited to The Wizard of Oz (1939) stunt. Here are some Google Easter Eggs that will transport you into a place over the rainbows for every surprise:


1. Thanos Google Easter Egg


Again, look up the keywords “Thanos” and it will show you the search results pertaining to the Marvel villain. Click the gauntlet at the side of the results and witness the results on your search engine disintegrate. This provides you with a surprise almost the same as that of The Wizard of Oz (1939).


2. Askew Google Easter Egg


If you are an organised person, a neat freak of some sort, this surprise might not be for you. Once you search the word “askew” on Google, you will be welcomed by an unsettling sight like the one above. Yet, like the curious cat that you are, you will surely look it up and see for yourself.


3. Pacman Google Easter Egg


Do you miss this 80s arcade game? Google offers you an Easter Egg that allows you to become reunited with the pixelated game that you love. Once you search “Pacman”, you begin to see a nostalgic pixelated maze you can interact with.


4. Tic Tac Toe Google Easter Egg


Just like the Pacman Google Easter Egg, searching Tic Tac Toe on Google allows you to have a past time and play Tic Tac Toe.


Here are some of the Google Easter Eggs that we can share with you—the rest is for you to discover! Google Easter Eggs provide us with a warm surprise that can make our online experience a good one. That’s it. Sometimes, we do not really need any deeper reason for bringing happiness. If you want to provide fun surprises online by introducing what you can offer on this massive space, seek the services of an SEO company in Singapore.