Best Google Doodles of All Time

Almost every process of today is marked by running to your trusted search engines, and finding just the exact thing that you have been looking for – well, at least most of the time. On special days, Google, one of the widely-used search engines on the internet, will give you a warm dose of welcome in the form of charming doodles, called Google doodles.


What are Google Doodles?


Google doodles are special banners that alter the logo of Google in every creative way imaginable. These logo alterations are used to commemorates holidays, events, achievements, and people. These Google doodles are creative images with hovertext that express greetings. Since 1998, Google has been releasing different doodles. Now that more than 21 years have passed, around how many best Google doodles have been spawned? Here is a walk down memory lane about the best Google doodles ever released in no particular order:

Lantern Festival 2016



To celebrate the last day of the Spring Festival which is the 15th Day of the Lunar New Year, Google released a doodle involving luminous paper lanterns that would speckle the night sky. Patrick Leger, the one who doodled the banner, gave tribute to the activity of lighting paper lanterns which symbolises a smooth welcoming into the new year, and shedding of the past.


This may be deemed as one of the best as the doodle elicits a magical feel brought by the luminosity, and magnificence of the paper lanterns. The design is also proportional, and balanced. It has direction, so the visuals do not look cluttered. The colour schemes are successfully played out with a good distribution of luminosity that provides a sense of distance, and dimension to the image.


Day of the Dead 2018


This colourful doodle celebrates the Day of the Dead, or the El Día de los Muertos, an ancient festivity dating back from the Aztec Empire. The Day of the Dead, now celebrated annually during the 2nd of November, is a colourful, and fun celebration that embraces the cycle of life – when we usually have fearful notions about the dead, and death in general. Families have different joyous traditions during this day.


The doodle provided by Google about the Day of the Dead also exemplifies magnificent play of colour. It gives a fun feel to the skulls, and bones, which is exactly what the Day of the Dead is about. At the same time, the doodle still provides an imprint of their brand. The flickering lights provide a haunting, yet home-like feel. The designs are also properly laid out.


Labour Day 2017


The annual Labour Day celebrates everyone’s hard work. What perfect way to celebrate hard work than to take a day off work, and have fun? During Labour Day, we also commemorate the greatest impact, and contribution of every worker who is the backbone of every nation’s economy.


The doodle represents workers from different sectors. It also presents a charming illustration with a good set of colour schemes. Even though the banner is filled with illustrations, it is harmonious. The brand of Google is also not set aside.


Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday


This extravagant Google doodle was released in September 5, 2011. Freddie Mercury is the vocalist of the British band, Queen that spawned many legendary hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You”, “We Are the Champions”, and more. Freddie Mercury died from HIV/AIDS in 1991 at the age of 45. His death has not only brought a big loss to the music industry, but also provided heightened awareness, and a resistance to the stigma about HIV/AIDS. He has also brought added representation, and awareness to equal rights, and notions about the LGBTQ+ community.


This Google doodle is just pure extravagance. It has a fabulous animation that presents wonderful images about Freddie Mercury’s outfits, and the way he moves. The great team of animators, illustrators, and engineers worked on the doodle, with Queen’s timeless hit, “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Need we say more why this doodle is included? Aside form the extreme effort, just watching the doodle evokes a grand, and glorious feeling of being empowered which is the exact thing Queen had intended to do when making their music. The colours spelled fabulous the same way Freddie Mercury might have. It is a good commemoration about him as a personality in the music industry because it has presented iconic features, and images from his career.



This list cannot even cover a complete list of the best Google doodles, because they are just too many! There might just be a world wonderful Google doodles that may have not yet been included in this list. Google doodle can be made in different ways you can imagine: into a game, a video, a gif, and more! All digital marketing websites should also get inspiration, if not follow the example of how creative Google doodles are done while still maintaining the feel of the brand.