Google to Phase Out Average Position Metric: Here’s How it Will Affect You

In case you haven’t heard, Google recently announced that they’re bidding goodbye to one of their oldest metrics: the average position.


For nearly two decades, the metric has been an essential and insightful key performance indicator for digital marketers. But, after serving its purpose, the search engine is set to phase it out, deeming the metric as no longer useful.


Google Ads is Phasing Out Average Position Metric 

In a February statement, Google announced plans to sunset average position in September this year. A recent update revealed the metric will be permanently removed by the 29th of the month.


While many Google Ads users aren’t too pleased about this, the search engine seemed to have long prepared for this event by making sure that marketers have an alternative by the time they officially remove the metric.


What Will Replace Average Position Metric? 

In November 2018, Google introduced the Top and Absolute Top Impression metrics, which are the new, alternative metrics for measuring the auction performance and SERP visibility.



Absolute Top Impression Rate: The number of impressions received in the absolute top, which refers to the very top position in a search result.


Top Impression Rate: The total percentage of impressions received from all the ads within the top set of paid listings.



Google claims these metrics will give you a more detailed view of how well your ad is performing compared to the old metric. But, with all these changes, why should you care?


How the Changes can Affect You 

Change is the only thing that’s constant and search advertising is no exception. While the average position has been a hallmark of digital marketing for more than 15 years, the sunset is fast approaching for it.


The best thing you can do is to revisit your campaign, reporting, and bidding strategies that rely on average position before it’s gone for good. An SEO agency in Singapore like OOm can help you adjust your reports, integrate the new metrics and start removing the old one.


What do you think about Google Ads’ decision to phase out average position? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.