How Having No Follow Links Could Actually Help You



The term follow link is not an unfamiliar term to almost all online marketing and SEO companies. But sometimes it’s actually being used in either the most proper or most deceiving ways, depending on who is working on it. There are many purposes of having follow links to the any SEO related task, much like activities being done in online marketing.


But as much as having a follow link can actually have an impact to optimize a website, it’s also come into debate with the use of no-follow links, which are said to have no value at all, according to most SEO experts. But with all the algorithm changes in Google, the improvement of content on search engines and websites, and other online updates, we can actually say that having no follow links can actually help you with your site.


But before we confirm this, let me give you a quick recap of what follow and no follow links are. The term ‘follow link’ applies to inbound links that are being made with the intention of getting indexed by search engine robots, thus giving some link juice to a certain page that has a link to another. More follow links means better rankings in Google, better search result visibility, and overall user popularity. This is best used by websites who seem to have high competitors, especially if they are competing with powerful brands online.


A ‘no follow link’, however, stands on the other side of the scale. Although according to experts from Singapore SEO company or those based in Australia, no follow links look exactly the same as any other inbound link, there are specific settings made by webmasters so that they won’t get indexed by search engines. This is being done using a special no follow tag which is made on the page script. This can be done manually, or sometimes, even the whole platforms can be coded automatically, preventing no follow links all throughout the pages of the site.


Because of this, no follow links have been considered and associated with spammy and irrelevant pages of the site. These are the usual culprits that are being chased by search engines, but most of the time, are done by webmasters to lessen the damage that they have with creating inbound links on their site. But how exactly can we say that having no follow links are still effective?


Referring to the term ‘content is king’ and promoting better information on websites, we can consider that having relevant links can heighten up your page and can reflect on search results. They might not be helpful in actually making automated results through indexing, they can still have a chance of gaining popularity depending on the demand of users who are looking for a certain page with the use of a keyword. After all, no follow links are still keywords, and keywords can still change the rankings of your page/site. If you’re based in Asia, asking about this from a good SEO company in Singapore can help you understand the use of links more on site optimization.