How To Create A Social Media Campaign?

Mar 31 2020

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Campaign In 2020?

Written by Carlo Angelo Suñga

Connecting with your customers has never been easier, thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These networking sites will give you additional insight regarding your target market as long as you remain active on social media.


Conduct a social media marketing campaign in Singapore that will allow you to engage with your target audience! Consider marketing on networking sites to gain the upper hand over your competitors.


The best part about marketing on sites like Facebook and Instagram is that the road ahead of you is paved with countless rewards and opportunities for your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. The only question left is how you’ll manage your social media campaign.


Every business needs to have social media strategy up their sleeves to get a heads-up of the competition and consumers. You could do the same for your company, but only if you know how to execute a properly planned strategy. 


Let’s find out how your business can benefit from social media marketing! Here’s how you can create a social media marketing campaign this 2020.



The State Of Social Media In Singapore This 2020

Before you launch your marketing campaign, try to familiarise yourself with the current state of social media in Singapore. As studies show, the future’s looking brighter for social media this 2020, thanks to the growth of social media usage in Asia. In fact, around 4.60 million Singaporeans are active social media users! What does this mean for your business?


With many consumers in Singapore flocking towards social media, you could take advantage of the situation. Consider choosing a networking platform where your target audience will most likely be.


Ultimately, you have to pick a social media site that will benefit your business the most! So let’s take a look at some of the most used popular networking sites in Singapore.



1. Facebook

To no one’s surprise, Facebook is still the leading networking site in Singapore, especially on mobile phones. Facebook has it all; from communicating with your customers and posting content, you can manage your social media campaign with ease. For that reason, many marketers prefer to launch their marketing strategies on Facebook.


Facebook, as your marketing platform, is excellent for analysing your performance, running ads, and targeting your audience. Consider using the leading social media site if you’re looking for an all-around marketing platform.


2. Twitter

Next to Facebook, Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites as of late. Twitter may not be as versatile as Facebook, but it’s an exceptional platform for updating your audience, posting short content, and staying relevant by using keywords aka hashtags.


On Twitter, you should tweet regularly, perhaps once a day at least, to gain more followers. Plus, being consistent with your tweets should help you engage with your followers and see how they respond to your content.


3. Instagram

For visual-based marketing, Instagram is your best friend. The app lets you post pictures and videos in real-time. 


Same with Twitter, you could also utilise hashtags in your posts to reach your target audience and establish relevance. Plus, you can even publish updates regarding your business and notify your audience by using Instagram’s story feature. It lets you post live videos in real-time so everyone else can see what your brand is currently up to.


4. LinkedIn

On the more professional side of social media, look towards LinkedIn, where professional consumers converse with one another. If your target audience is composed of other businesses and related brands, you could connect with them on LinkedIn. 


Also, creating a comprehensive LinkedIn profile will enhance your reputation and establish credibility. Examine your opportunities with LinkedIn and think about using it for your social media campaign if your goal is to expand your target market of professional consumers.



Tips For Creating A Social Media Campaign

Have you chosen your social media site yet? Regardless of your choice, you could use a helping hand in creating a marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some of these tips for creating an efficient social media campaign.



1. Create Engaging Content

You’re going to market your brand on social media for one reason: to engage with your audience. To do so, you must create engaging content that will allow your audience to relate with your business.


Creating quality content will serve as a building block to help your business expand its audience. The more content you’re able to produce, the higher your chances of gaining leads and traffic! Moreover, you have to incorporate SEO tactics in the mix too, such as keyword research and usage, to optimise your website for increased traffic and visibility on search engines.


Utilise the right keywords for your content, post it online, and make sure your ads will reach your audience. Analyse your performance afterwards to find out how you can improve from your shortcomings to come up with a better strategy in the future.


2. Communicate With Your Customers

When you’re active on social media, communicating with your customers is imperative for your campaign! Constant customer communication helps you improve brand image, and lets you know more about your audience as well.


Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, remember to check your inbox and see if you have any pending messages. Respond to your customers as soon as possible, and you’ll make them feel like they’re the most valuable customer of all!


3. Analyse And Optimise Your Performance

There’s no such thing as a perfect social media marketing campaign. The best course of action at the end of every marketing strategy is to analyse your performance and identify your weak points to plan a better strategy. 


Furthermore, you need to optimise your content for SEO purposes to make sure you’re reaching the right audience. 


For instance, every time you post online, track your performance and analyse its effects on your campaign. You’ll have to re-evaluate your results to come up with a solution. After all, marketing is a trial and error process and you should remain patient as you focus on finding better ways to create and distribute your content.




Choose the ideal social media platform and plan a long-term strategy that will help your business grow. Afterwards, you should remain alert while you observe your target audience for any developments concerning their needs and interests.


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