4 Tips For Designing Effective Display Ads

Google Ads is the best place to dish out highly effective ads and reach tons of new customers from various digital marketing platforms, such as YouTube and Gmail. But to make your Google Ads campaign benefit your business, you need to create compelling and attractive display ads.


At first, your display ads might produce an underwhelming click-through rate (CTR). Try to yield better results by creating more effective display ads for your Google Ads campaign, starting with captivating visuals.


An effective display ad is one that is capable of attracting viewers at first glance. Sometimes, a few seconds is all it takes for people to click on your ads, so you have to prioritise visuals and design above all else.



How To Create Effective Display Ads?

Eye-catching visuals are the key to creating attractive display ads. Captivate your audience at first sight with aesthetically pleasing visuals by designing your ads based on these essential factors:


  • Structural layout
  • Colour
  • Typography


Structural layout refers to the size and shape of your display ads. It also includes the flexibility of your ads to fit on any web page and screen size. The structural layout of your ads is integral to their placement and position on the web page. Ensure your ads are sizeable enough to appear on the viewer’s screen without taking too much space.


The other two factors, colour and typography, pertain to the visual aspect of your display ads. Use a suitable colour scheme and typeface for your ads to represent your brand image. Doing so should influence your customers’ perception of your brand.


These three factors make up the overall quality of your display ads. Improve structural layout of your ads, along with your colour scheme and typography, to create a highly effective search engine marketing (SEM) strategy for Google Ads.



4 Tips For Designing Your Display Ads

Tips For Designing Your Display Ads


1. Focus On Your Target Audience

The “one size fits all” approach to advertising usually concludes with mediocre results. It is almost impossible to please everyone. Instead, focus on a specific audience that is more likely to be interested in your products or services.


Google Ads is already the perfect platform for segmenting your audience. Use that to your advantage by creating ads specifically for potential customers. Research your target market and design your display ads based on relevant customer demographics, such as location, age, gender, and interests.


2. Choose Simplicity Over Intricacy

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience. The best way to succeed is to choose simplicity over intricacy when designing your display ads.


Compared to a complex and sophisticated ad, a simple but well-crafted ad has a better chance of getting potential customers to visit your website. Also, you have a limited amount of space for your visuals. You need to put together a headline, text, and call to action (CTA) button, all in one sizable ad. Design your display ads with less intricate details to make them easily understandable.


3. Combine Effective Copywriting And Ad Design

Advertising is not just about designing highly captivating visuals. When it comes to effective display ads, copywriting is just as important (or arguably more important) as ad design.


Attractive visuals will hook viewers into checking your ads, but effective copywriting is what should make them click on your ads in the first place. Whether you excel in designing or copywriting, focus on combining both to create compelling ads that are guaranteed to earn clicks.


Remember that you only have a limited amount of space for your ads. Send a message that only consists of a few words and one or two sentences. Exceeding the word count will only make it harder to communicate with your audience, so avoid stuffing too many words in your ads.


If you have trouble combining copywriting and visual advertising, consider hiring an SEM agency that can do both.


4. Consider The Time Of The Year

Always consider the time of the year when designing your display ads for SEM. Take advantage of holidays and seasons to make your ads more relatable and convincing.


For example, Chinese New Year is right around the corner. You could use Chinese New Year as a source of inspiration for your ads. Connect with your audience by utilising Chinese New Year in your ads to share heartfelt content and promote your business at the same time.


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It may take some time before you get used to creating effective display ads for SEM. However, the results will be worth the wait. Combine effective copywriting with visual advertising to create the best display ads. Try outsourcing to an SEM agency if you need help!


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