Holiday festivities are the perfect time to engage with your audience. Fortunately, with the Chinese New Year arriving in February 2021, there is no better time to connect with a broad audience.


Connect with hundreds of potential customers by using the Chinese New Year as a source of inspiration for your digital marketing campaign. Same with how Americans love Christmas, Chinese New Year is a universally loved holiday in China, Singapore, and other Asian countries. Use that to your advantage by incorporating the holiday festivities with your marketing strategies.



Chinese New Year: How To Promote Your Business?

Discounts and promotions are just some of the many simple yet creative ways to raise brand awareness and boost sales this Chinese New Year. To create unique marketing strategies based on the Lunar New Year, try knowing more about the holiday first.


2021 is the Year of the Ox. Since the ox symbolizes diligence, persistence, and honesty, perhaps your digital marketing campaign can revolve around these qualities.


Aside from that, last year was a rough time for most people, so spread optimism by creating heartfelt ads centered on Chinese New Year. Use different marketing strategies to connect with your audience in a post-COVID society.


Here are some tips for promoting your business this Chinese New Year.


How To Promote Your Business On Chinese New Year


1. Exemplify The Traditions Of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is all about celebrating the future and honoring the traditions of our Chinese ancestors. Each year presents a different zodiac sign based on animals that symbolize particular virtues and traits.


As mentioned earlier, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. You can exemplify the value of this year’s zodiac sign by sending heartfelt messages about patience and trustworthiness to your audience.


For example, let us say you want to produce a commercial. One good idea for your commercial is to show the rewards of being patient and honest by telling a story based on a real-life person’s experience. In doing so, your commercial can connect with most viewers, and at the same time, exemplify the traditions and values of the Chinese New Year.


What makes this a good idea for a video marketing campaign this Chinese New Year? For starters, commercials revolving around empathy and reality are effective in attracting viewers. Consider creating quality content based on human experiences and emotions that demonstrate the essence of the upcoming holiday.


2. Inform More People About Chinese New Year

Not everyone is fully aware of the history and definitions of the Chinese New Year. When it comes to Chinese New Year, most people think of gifts, decorations, clothes, and food.


In reality, the holiday is more than just that. Try shedding light on underrated aspects of the holiday, including its history, traditions, and culture. Distribute your content on social media in the form of videos, articles, infographics, or visuals to reach a broader audience.


3. Incorporate A Chinese New Year-inspired Theme

Let your customers know that Chinese New Year is right around the corner. To do so, kickstart your social media marketing campaign with a Chinese New Year-inspired theme, complete with red-and-gold color schemes and zodiac signs.


For example, you can use red and gold colors for your ads and visuals when posting on social media. However, remember to avoid overusing the red-and-gold color scheme, or else your content might look forgettable compared to other brands.


Get creative by using the Chinese New Year as a source of inspiration, but remember not to overdo it. Many other brands will be doing the same and use the same color schemes in their advertisements and marketing materials.


4. Interact With Customers By Sharing User-generated Content

The best part about social media marketing is interacting with customers. You can reach your target audience through effective customer engagement and attract even more potential customers for your online business.


When it comes to Chinese New Year, the goal of social media marketing stays the same. Interact with your customers and followers to raise brand awareness. A brilliant way to raise awareness is by encouraging your customers to share their content.


Promote a sense of unity this Chinese New Year by encouraging user-generated content. You can give your customers the opportunity to share their Chinese New Year experience.


For example, if you own a restaurant or food business, you can run a contest or giveaway that requires social media users to post pictures of their food for the Chinese New Year. The winner with the best caption shall receive a discount or free meal from your restaurant.


Try to create similar online events or contests so your social media followers can share their unique content. In doing so, your business can gain more online exposure and followers if the user-generated content will reach hundreds of other people on social media.




The Chinese New Year is just two weeks away! Plan early and come up with creative ways to boost sales this upcoming holiday season.


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