How to Get Google Certification in Singapore

These days, businesses that are all concerned with digital marketing are almost always looking for individuals that are armed to the teeth with experience and with certifications.


Getting a Google certification is easy. (Except of course for the test itself in which you will need to really study for.)


Here’s what it’ll take for you to become certified.


To start, almost everyone can sign up for the Google Adwords program. But of course, to be certified, you will need to pass the Fundamentals Exam and a specialized specific exam like for example, the Google AdWords exam.


Let’s take a closer look at them:


Fundamental Exam

This is the exam that only covers all of the basic Google Adwords details. This includes optimization and management of the different digital marketing campaigns. If you have ever had a good long experience with good SEM agencies all over Singapore, you’d at least know how SEM runs.


This is the most basic exam, but even if it is, you will still need to make sure that you’ve reviewed a great deal.


Specialised Exams

These are the types of exams that are focused of specific levels of advertising. These will test your knowledge on things like managing, creating optimising and measuring advertising campaigns.


The types of exams includes:



Video Advertising


Mobile Advertising


Display Advertising


Search Advertising


Shopping Advertising



Keep in mind however that for these exams, you will need to score at least 80% to pass. Pretty high, but we are indeed talking about money here. Money from your clients. So being completely adept in these skills needs to be perfect, if not close to perfect.


If however you do fail the exam, you will need to wait for a week in order to try again.


If you do pass, you will be Google Certified for 12 months. After this you will need to renew your certification by taking the exam again.


To start, you will need to do the following things:


Step 1: Create Your Google Account

Just like when creating your own YouTube channel you will need to have your own Google account.


Pro Tip: If you are part of a company, you’ll need to use your company’s account to use for the exam. However, it would also be better for you personally if you use your own Google Account. This will not only be owned completely by you, you will also have additional certifications you can add on to your credentials.


Step 2: Study for the Exam

Like what was mentioned previously, it wouldn’t be enough to just be familiar with all of the Fundamental processes that are all involved with SEM services. To make sure that you hit that 80% and above, you will need to go and look for different sources online. This is very important especially if it’s your first time to take these types of exams.


To get you started, go here and start studying.


Step 3: Pass the Fundamentals Exam and a Specialisation Exam of your Choice

Easier said than done for some, but it will be a fun experience most especially if you’ve had the change to run through a few high quality sources of SEM marketing tips.


To get certified, you will really need to pass 2 exams. As a tip, the most popular ones that people get are the Display Advertising exams. But Google is also actively advocating all of the video based types of advertising exams like the YouTube and Video Advertising Exams.


You don’t have to take both exams one after another. You can take a break and review first if you want to. But it is of course better to get to pass them both at the same time so they would get renewed at the same time as well 12 months later into the future.


And with that, we hope that you have a fun and exciting journey along the way to being Google Certified.