Increase Small Business Consumers Through Facebook

A small business owner has the opportunity to make use of Facebook. By knowing how to create interesting posts, the efforts pay off!


In generating more consumers for a small business, it is not necessary to have a Social Media Analyst and Marketing Manager. Feel fortunate that with the presence of Facebook as a social media platform, it is possible to reach 1.04 billion active users daily. This is certainly a major milestone to reach. Also, a lot of effort is necessary to connect to this incredible number of users. However, for a small business, the leads to be gotten from facebook marketing in Singapore begins with a tiny volume.


Facebook is regarded as a powerful medium for a small business to thrive. Certainly, the efforts in making Facebook content on your own is different from the service of an agency. In building the effort on a smaller scale, a more personal relationship is visible. Expect the return of investment on Facebook to take time, however. Creating the Facebook page of the brand is the start. For the fan page to attract followers, focus on key components.


Brand Personality

These include the profile photo, about, introductory video, cover photo, and call-to-action. Make social media marketing in Singapore an active one. Let the personality of the brand express itself on the cover and profile photos. Information for About is short and informative description of the business. For the call-to-action, this convinces the consumer to do the request. Although a video is not necessary, putting one generates interest since it has sound.


Right Tone and Voice

It is important to reach out to the target consumer. Each Facebook post is a reflection of the tone and voice that the consumer wants. Consistency is necessary so that he understands the kind of product or service being offered. Think from the viewpoint of the consumer and touch his emotions. On the Insights section of the Facebook page, the People feature shows who are interested in the offerings. From this information, it is realistic to know whether the majority are from the desired market.


Kinds of Posts

As part of facebook marketing in Singapore, optimise the brand by sharing posts regularly. Make engaging posts by creating different kinds. These may include questions, contests, photos, fill in the blanks, and product demonstration among others. Also, the presence of statistics, behind the scenes, videos, and tutorials. With humor in the post that accompanies a photo or video, the chances are higher for the consumer to read or watch it. Elicit laughter from the consumer.



By making use of analytics for the Facebook page, go to the Insights section. Posts that are recent show engagement with the consumers. With these information, determine the kinds of posts that generate a positive impact. The number of followers may be plenty. However, it is their engagement that is more interesting. Come up with a strategy that allows them to buy the product or service. Their attention for the Facebook post has to be caught at first glimpse.



For success in social media marketing in Singapore, a timely calendar of posts is essential. Although it is fine to create spontaneous posts, producing a calendar allows the flow of topics to be seen. Being loyal to the topics proposed shows on the feed. Tickle the consumer’s expectations of the kinds of posts displayed. In this manner, he has an idea of when the new post is visible. Being organised in terms of the consistency of posts gives a good impression.


Active Response

Since being on Facebook is at certain times only, responding to consumers has to be timely. The nature of social media is to interact with the consumers regularly. Let them know that the brand is active in connecting to them. When new comments are shown on a post, a simple reply is all it takes. Private messaging concerns have to be addressed quickly as well. It is the goal to make the community of supporters a happy one. Loyal consumers make good ambassadors for the brand.


Establishing a personal connection with the consumer is a priority for Facebook marketing in Singapore. The appeal of photos and videos is evident in the number of positive responses received. Putting a human touch to the post is vital for the consumer to feel the excitement! Efforts put into Facebook posts are for long-term and promoting good community ties is a goal. It takes regular effort to sustain the interest of the consumer on this platform.


Based on the responses that consumers give to each post, pay attention to what they rant and rave about. There are times that the strategy may be modified. Get the consumer’s views on what appeals to them for the offerings.


The power of advertising a small business on Facebook is evident. With regular efforts in reaching out to the consumer, it shows an active brand.