LinkedIn Marketing: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the best social media marketing platforms for connecting with entrepreneurs. You can build relationships with numerous partners so your business can expand its range and attract prospects. If you need to increase your customer base, then LinkedIn is your ideal choice.


However, the only problem with LinkedIn is that you might run into a few issues if you decide to promote your business on the said platform. Sure, marketing on LinkedIn may be a bit similar to other networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. In the end, LinkedIn is, nonetheless, a unique social media marketing platform with many factors to consider.


The number one professional social media site will do wonders for your business! But if you want to get the best possible results for your social media marketing campaign, you need to understand how LinkedIn works. Most importantly, you should be aware of the many common marketing mistakes on LinkedIn!



5 LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Linkedin marketing


1. Misleading Your Followers

The number one thing that most consumers hate is deception, and the same goes for users on LinkedIn. People on LinkedIn are usually there for one reason: to build connections and earn loyalty. With that said, trust is a two-way street, which is why you should avoid misleading your followers.


The problem is, it is easy to mislead your followers on LinkedIn without realising it.


For instance, imagine creating a post about an interesting topic related to your business. However, you decide to continue the thread and switch up the tone. Instead of discussing the subject of your first post, your update turns out to be an advertisement or call to action (CTA).


There is nothing wrong with promoting your business on LinkedIn. However, remember that no one likes advertisements in disguise. Instead of updating your post with something different, try to maintain the consistency of your content and stick with a specific theme.


For example, if you wish to mix your posts with informative content and advertisements, keep them separate instead. Make separate posts and maintain the consistency of their quality. Separate your ads and updates from one another, and you’re good to go.


2. Posting Nothing But Ads

Marketing is not exclusive to advertisements, but also many other things. When you’re marketing on LinkedIn, don’t just promote yourself and your brand. Think about what you can give to your followers, like informative or valuable content, perhaps?


Before you post a plethora of marketing content on LinkedIn, earn the trust of your followers first by providing them with valuable information. Consider making a blog for your website that can provide your followers with a variety of content. Share your blog posts on LinkedIn to drive organic traffic to your website and establish your credibility.


Another thing you could do is update your LinkedIn profile with the latest news regarding your line of work. Keep your followers updated on the current trends and status of the industry. That way, you can earn their trust and build your reputation as time goes on.


3. Lack Of Preparation

Most people wish to use LinkedIn for digital marketing come unprepared, thinking that it is almost the same as utilising Facebook, Instagram, or any other networking site. However, LinkedIn is pretty much different compared to the mentioned social media sites, which is why you must prepare a viable content marketing strategy beforehand.


Before you head to LinkedIn, think of a marketing strategy that will benefit your business. Define your goals and plan an achievable timeframe.


For starters, you could create a calendar that consists of daily or weekly content. Schedule your posts to keep your followers engaged all the time.


4. Failing To Engage With Your Audience

Just because LinkedIn is a business-centric platform, doesn’t mean you should stick to being professional all the time. In other words, remember to humanise your brand to make it more appealing and engaging to your followers. Give them a chance to know your business, both personally and professionally.


Whether you’re managing a small business or large company, consider sharing photos of you and your team. Let your followers know what it knows to be a part of your business. Doing so will make it easier to earn your followers’ trust and gain their loyalty.


5. Ignoring Feedback

LinkedIn is not just perfect for connecting with others, but also for learning how you can improve your business. Whenever someone sends you a review, remember to read it and come up with a plan on how you can improve.


Whether it’s a positive or negative review, respond to your followers as soon as possible. Do so in the most professional yet humble way possible.




With LinkedIn as your social media marketing platform, you have the chance to expand your reach and send your ads to the right audience! If you’re having trouble promoting your business on LinkedIn, consider working with a digital marketing agency in Singapore that could help you come up with better marketing strategies.


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