Look Who’s Talking: Veronica Ang


Our staff feature today is OOm’s Digital Marketing Team Lead, Veronica Ang. Cheerful, independent and responsible, Veronica is always prompt at strategising solutions for her clients to achieve optimal results. She’s also a  pillar of support and guidance for her team of Digital Marketers.


Digital Marketing Team Lead - Veronica Ang



Describe your role in OOm as a Digital Marketing Team Leader.

I’m still handling accounts, so about half of my day is spent on speaking with clients, getting their campaigns live, analysing results and coordinating different aspects of my clients’ campaigns among various departments. The other half of my day is spent supporting my Digital Marketing Team, finding out their struggles on their client accounts and coming up with solutions to help them. Striving for a holistic work process for my team members so that they find their work more meaningful, intuitive & seamless.


Who inspired/inspires you to pursue the career you have today?

My work inspiration is definitely Wyvan. He’s the COO of OOm but also my direct manager. I’ve looked up to him since day 1: The way he carries himself, his far-sightedness as well as the way he handles different situations – I have so much to learn from him.


What motivates you?

Knowing that what I do matters to someone, and being able to make a difference in their lives – Not just at work but outside of work too. Everyday, I hope to become a better version of myself and hope that my actions lead to a positive outcome for people around me.


What do you do during your free time?

I am big on functional health therapies so I spend a lot of time reading articles and content about health, science & how the body works. Nerdy I know lol! Your diet & lifestyle plays such a huge role in how you show up every day, whether it’s in your personal relationships, work or other commitments. The key is to strive not for perfection, but for progress, when it comes to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle 🙂


Digital Marketing Team Lead Healthy Lifestyle


If you could bring an animal to an adventure, what type of animal would it be?

Adventure, a dog. If not, I love hamsters!! But you cannot bring a hamster on an adventure right? I mean, I want to bring them as a companion on my trip!

*YEAP YOU CAN! You can bring both too! Anything that makes you happy V!*



What’s your favourite food?

BURGERS. PIZZA. PASTA. Who doesn’t like these things?!
I eat healthily as possible but I do indulge too! It’s all about having a balance. *LOL*
Here are some of the pastas I’ve cooked! I saw Chuan post about his burger in his “Look Who’s Talking” Article ! Maybe we should start a restaurant chain together!
Side hustle. *Bosses, if you guys see this.. We just kidding!!


Digital Marketing Team Lead Favorite Food - Pastas


Music Genre / Playlist to share?

My All times favorite is Jay Chou’s 青花瓷 (Blue and White Porcelain) and JJ Lin’s 江南 (River South).