Manpower Tips: How To Write An Effective Job Post And Where To Share Them?

Every job post opens up a wealth of opportunities not only for the employee but also for the employee. Job posts serve as bridges that bring qualified employees to reliable employers. This mutual relationship brings businesses up. Having a clear and well-written job post is necessary for making this iconic duo possible. It will allow the employees to know if their credentials, skillset, and qualities are exactly the type that the employer looks for. On the other hand, putting up an effective job post attracts the employees that companies are looking for. With this, there are many factors to consider when setting up a good job post. Some of which is how you write your job post, where you put these posts, and how you disseminate it for aspiring employees to see. With this, you can leave it up to us to share with you a few tips that we have condensed from an article on Betterteam.



Job Post vs. Job Description


Before anything else, allow us to set things straight: job posts are different from job descriptions. According to Quora, job descriptions are merely internal documents that allow you to know a company’s job position. It is written relatively in a formal tone and provides you with all the details about the position a company is looking for. On the other hand, job posts are external advertisements which aim to attract candidates. With job posts that showcase open job positions, the job is not only explained but also aimed to sell. It is usually written in an engaging tone that contains information about the job position, along with the company and the benefits that go alongside the position.


Since the digital age aims to attract as many holistic engagements as it can, gone are the days when we speak in monotones and rigid structures. This age ushers in an orientation where things can just be light and casual yet possessing the same weight of responsibility.



What’s In A Job Posting?


1. Catchy Job Title

If you are thinking of posting to boards, this might just be the highlight of your job posting. People might just gloss over your job posting if you put a bland job title on it. When writing your job title, include the name of the position. Add about on to three top things that will make any applicant interested in the job.


2. Inviting Introduction

Once that you have grabbed the attention of an aspiring applicant, it is up to an inviting introduction to keep the reading. With a single paragraph, you are about to give three to five details that will make the applicants become excited about being part of your business. This is much like an article that makes any reader hooked by every sentence.


3. A Short Story About The Company

Anyone would like to learn a little about the new company they might be applying in. This also tells a lot about how established your company is since it was first founded. You can also say something about the projects your company has handled, the collections of tools and equipment your future applicants will use, awards and accolades the company has bagged, and the work culture that prides the company.


4. Showcase The Position

This is not just any other bland job invitation. Include requirements that are needed for the job but limit yourself to three things. Include the necessary details like location, work hours, pay, education opportunities, and more. You are not only opening a job position. You are selling a position.



Where To Share Job Postings?


1. LinkedIn

Many aspiring employees, both passive and active, go to LinkedIn to seek for good job openings. With this, you can advertise your open roles and share with them your network. LinkedIn has paid job postings that promote candidates. Candidates also have the options to directly apply using information from their respective LinkedIn profiles to speed up the application process.


LinkedIn also allows you to post status updates regarding your company’s page. This provides candidates with a heads-up about any job openings in your company. To reach a broader audience with your job postings, it would help to ask your colleagues and hiring managers to share status updates about the openings.


2. Facebook

It is no secret that among the social media platforms, Facebook holds the most massive audience. With this, it also offers a desirable space for you to publish your job postings and have it reach a broader audience. With Facebook, employees can share their company’s job postings for it to reach possibly aspiring employees.


3. Twitter

Another avenue to publish your job postings is Twitter. With its character limit, it also allows you to only mention necessary points that can catch aspiring employees’ attention. You would just have to put the link to the full description, your careers page or an application form. Ensure that you include the job title, the location of the position, and a clear call to action. You can take advantage of high performing hashtags and increase the reach of your job posting.


Here are just a few things that we can share with you about how to write an effective job post and where you can share them among a multitude of sites the Internet offers. Wading through the digital space is no easy task, especially if you are focused on your main processes. With this, SEO companies like OOm can help you with making your job postings and the online presence of your website per se reach a broader audience.