Manpower Tips: Qualities Of A Social Media Manager

In this day and age where most things are decided upon for as fast as a few seconds, content marketers must work just as quick to come up with powerful campaigns—campaigns that would win the interests of many. The competition is becoming tougher and tougher. With the many advertisements that have been popping here and there, what can you do to make your brand stand out from the rest? This is the daily challenge of being a content marketer and for this article, of being a social media manager.


The Internet offers a favourable platform for businesses to boost their brands. Whatever we do, we require the use of the Internet, so it just so follows that our consumers would stay absorbed on the Internet at least once a day. Going in deeper the circle, social media is also a perfect platform to introduce your brand to a variety of users. Compared to search engines, social media has more of a knack of personality in it. Social media is where people go to interact, engage, and have fun. With an atmosphere as light and casual as these, introducing your brand.


But first and foremost, does handling social media require you to have a certain amount wit and attitude that will gain clout for your campaigns? Kathi Kruse in her article has mentioned a few qualities of being a knock-out social media manager. Here are a few things we have condensed from these qualities:



Social Media Savvy


Of course, if you are going to manage social media campaigns, you must be able to know the grounds where you are on. As they say in the art of war, you must know your terrain in order to become victorious with your strategies. With this, a good social media manager must know the ins and outs of a social media site he or she is handling. We are talking about how they are immersed in the environment of social media. This is where social media managers would effectively bring fresh stories to the public as they write blogs and other media.



Emotionally Mature

Just as social media offers a light and fun environment for people to mingle and become friends, it can also pave the way for toxic and harsh elements. Social media has seen a variety of harmful content like bullying, call-out culture, and more. With this said, a social media manager must remain strong and not take things personally. Battling within the arena of social media might even leave you with emotional scars. A social media manager who understands and manages one’s emotions supports their brand’s healthy community.



Patient And Empathetic

Given the fact that you are dealing with people online, a social media manager must be patient and empathetic, especially now when the clamour for equality and political sensitivity is being upheld by many. It is not easy to become a social media manager. You must know how to put yourself in others’ shoes so you can understand what they need and address them. In dire moments, social media managers may not always offer solutions, but they may provide empathy which is the most needed during trying times. A social media manager must also be patient that not all campaigns may end up the way they intend it to be.




Social media may offer you a platform where you are free to express yourself but you must also be focused. You must not stray away from the branding or the persona you are trying to establish online. If your brand requires you to have a more professional image, then you must keep yourself from sharing funny memes that will taint your social media presence.




Social media is a platform where witty statements and content contend. With this, it goes without saying that social media managers must be creative and witty. These will grab the attention of the consumers, thereby having your social media campaigns a series of success. If your campaigns are unique and really send the users laughing, then they will feel a certain lightness about your brand. More often than not, people are in social media because they intend to escape from the mundane routine they are in. Why not maximise this and give these users the laugh they want?


Here are just some of the qualities that make a good social media manager. More than anything, the team that handles social media marketing must be united and must work together. Having a team with whom you have good chemistry with allows you to churn out great ideas.


Social media managing may be a handful, but it can certainly be learned! However, if you needed to focus on your own processes, you may need to outsource your social media campaigns to trusted social media marketing company here in Singapore like OOm.