Marketing Furniture Stores In Singapore

Long before digital marketing and SEO companies in Singapore dominated the marketing scene, brands would advertise their products on brochures, magazines, catalogues, and newspapers. But as effective as these strategies were, it lacks one factor that modern marketing can do – reaching a wider audience. If you will look at today’s state of advertising, reaching out to your audience has become more manageable.



To market your furniture brand, don’t just stick with the traditional ways of marketing. Spice it up with a few new techniques to reach new consumers beyond your target audience. With some digital marketing strategies in the mix, you’ll discover it’s more effective and convenient for you to reach your goals.

With that said, let’s take a look at how we can mix traditional and digital marketing strategies for your furniture business!



Mixing The Old And New

In the marketing industry, one of the main objectives is to reach a broad audience as much as possible. With that in mind, you could combine traditional and digital marketing methods to create more conversions. Why should you consider mixing old and new marketing strategies, anyway? 


For starters, traditional marketing has always been an effective strategy for furniture stores in Singapore. Radio, television, print—these are some of the outlets that paved the way for popular furniture brands in Singapore to grow.


With that said, if you incorporate internet marketing in your campaign, you’ll open your brand to more opportunities and reach a wider audience along the way.


For instance, check out the difference between these two marketing mechanics.




From Top To Bottom: A website and brochure.


While both of these have the same purpose of promoting their products, the means of achieving such a goal are different.


First, with a website that shows everything you need to know about the brand, it’s more convenient to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a product or additional information about the seller. Not to mention, you can integrate a few SEO packages when customising your website to improve online visibility.


On the other hand, brochures achieve more or less the purpose—to deliver content. However, there are so many limitations to consider. One such flaw is only being available to consumers in person. Aside from that, with limited space, you might not fit enough content in just one piece of glossy paper.


But don’t overlook classic print marketing just yet! While brochures have restricted accessibility, print outlets still cater to a portion of your target audience.


To summarise, it’s better to consider all possible marketing mediums when planning your campaign. That way, you can reach out to your target audience, both offline and online.

With that said, let’s move onto the next step of marketing: creating content.



Digital Marketing Strategies: Creating Content

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of combining old and new marketing strategies, the next step is to create quality content for your furniture brand.


Creating quality content is essential for establishing an online presence. The result of effective content marketing will benefit your furniture store in the long run. But the only question is: How can you create quality content for your customers?


Let’s discuss some of the principles of marketing first: identifying the wants and needs of your customers.


What Do Your Customers Want?


What do furniture store customers want? Since every customer’s goal is buying quality furniture, the most important thing they want to find out is the details.


When buying furniture, your customers will think about quality beforehand. That means they’ll need additional information about the furniture before they can make a decision. With that said, you could do the following:


  1. Provide detailed descriptions


Think about this: When your customers visit your website, what they want to see first is the information regarding your products. Without a detailed description of your list of furniture, how can you gain the customer’s trust?


Every tiny detail—the size, material, weight, etc.—will give the customer more insight into your furniture’s quality. So describe your furniture products with an engaging presence and conversational tone, so your consumers can get a gist of your brand without having to see it in person!


  1. Blogging


Want to draw a lot of attention to your website? Create engaging blogs or articles that will prove why your furniture store is what your customer needs!


Blogging is an effective way to gain exposure without costing too much money. Plus, you can showcase your knowledge of furniture products. It will reinforce your reputation in the furniture industry and help you engage with more consumers, especially if you’re marketing your blog on Facebook or WeChat.


  1. Market through social media


One of the more convenient ways to market your brand is on social media, where we spend most of our time on entertainment and leisure activities. If that’s the case, then social media marketing could be your best decision yet!


Social media marketing is a powerful tool to possess since it allows your business to reach hundreds or thousands of consumers online! With that said, you can share articles, graphic visuals, infographics, and other meaningful content. After all, to advertise your furniture store in Singapore, you need to establish a reputation first. And to do so, social media marketing is your best bet.


Well, there you have it. Marketing furniture stores in Singapore requires a little bit of extra effort if you want to cover a wide audience.  Not to mention, by integrating digital marketing, you’ll boost your search engine Optimization results and achieve a higher ranking online!


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