Marketing Momentum: What You Can Learn From Netflix’s Social Media Marketing

Since its conception, we all know how the digital space will greatly impact how we do things. From the moment we wake up in the morning by the resounding ring of our mobile alarm clocks, by how some of us check the news online, and practically by how we connect with other people. Once we think about wanting to reach other people, we immediately sail right onto our smartphones and tap on our social media applications.


Doing work and school tasks are also cases in point.


Another thing that’s been creeping up as well today is how Netflix is starting to register its domain on the entertainment industry. Comedian Ricky Gervais has even mentioned in his monologue for the 77th Golden Globes how no one cares about movies anymore. He said he was joking—or not. The film industry is already a canon, so it would take a lot for something like Netflix to topple it down but one thing’s for sure: it is surely reshaping how we watch films or TV shows and one of the biggest contributors to this is Netflix’s social media marketing.



Netflix And Social Media Marketing

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A huge part of Netflix’s success can be attributed to how they launch campaigns on social media especially Facebook. Facebook, being the biggest social network in the world, holds about 2.45 billion users. With this, there happens to be a dialectical relationship between the success of social media marketing with the success of Netflix such that social media offers a great breeding ground for Netflix’s campaign to flourish and become more known. Today, it has already grown into reaching 139 million paying subscribers.


Instagram and Twitter are also not spared from Netflix brandishing its newest and hottest uploads.



What We Can Learn From Netflix’s Social Media Marketing:

Now that Netflix is solid proof that social media marketing actually helps a lot, here are a few things that we can learn from them:


1. More On The Products, Less On The Brand

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I mean, sure, we all know how Netflix. We all know how it looks and just by seeing that red banner, we would immediately know it’s that streaming app. If a user ever encountered you posting your brand, they would just easily scroll past because you really did not offer anything new. Instead of showing off your brand, you might as well brandish your products and what you can offer instead. With this, Netflix shows the shows that you can binge-watch later on as you rest at home.


2. Keep It Real And Casual

What we love about social media is that the tone of the people can just be light and conversational. This can make it very approachable to a lot of people. Netflix then employs this same attitude by making sure that their posts are all fun and conversational. After all, the key to social media marketing is engaging with the public.


3. Quality Over Quantity

There might be an inkling that posting many posts regularly will earn you popularity. Well, that can be correct as well but depending on your posts, if it gets too annoying, it may even backfire. As for Netflix, you can see that they carefully craft each post. They make sure that it is witty, humorous, and engaging. With this, you do not always have to post just to make a presentation. Always make your presentation or your every post count.


4. Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying

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This might be the flesh and blood of social media marketing—communication. Especially when you are already interacting with your consumers, it is best to listen to what they are saying and to think the same way they are thinking. It also helps to also know what your customer needs and asks for.n launching posts that are tailored to what your customers may be thinking is also a good way to market on social media. For example, how can you tailor your post about a Marvel movie from a Marvel fan?


5. Think Outside The Box

The thing that people love about the ads that Netflix launches is that they are always very witty and engaging. Some posts tend to be dry, if not intimidating. With Netflix though, it offers just enough blend that makes it endearing for users. This also means that sky is the limit when launching your campaigns on social media. Think outside the box and create catchy posts!


Netflix truly has redefined our viewing experience. Now that you know a few tips that Netflix employs with their social media campaigns, it is up to you on how you would go from here. If you are still considering this, you can seek help from professional digital marketing agencies like OOm who can also handle your social media campaigns.