Midyear SEO Review: What Are the Current SEO Trends in 2019?

Aug 01 2019

Midyear SEO Review: What Are the Current SEO Trends in 2019?

Written by Charisma Felix

Eight months in with the year 2019 and a lot has already changed in the digital space. Just as change is constant and ever rapid in our industries today, the digital space will likewise follow suit. We rely on digital space today for almost all of our activities. Be it for socialisation, information dissemination, commerce, or basically anything under the sun, we run to the Internet to know more.


With the digital space, particularly with Google, one of the primary search engines that we use, there are already a lot of changes. Just as you think that you might have known Google’s algorithm like the back of your hand, it will shift and become updated quickly. It has now become a complex system that constantly shifts. As SEO strategists who always navigate within this arena, we must always be ready and attuned with how the Google algorithm works and what SEO trends arise realtime. With this, we provide you with a brief midyear review on SEO by presenting these current trends as collated from this article:


Voice Search

Most, if not all people today are living a hectic lifestyle, especially here in Singapore where everyone can surely be busy. With this, many manual processes have been made faster and more digital. One of these innovations is voice search because it has truly become one of the trends arising for the past few months in 2019. It would no longer be a surprise if it has become the future of search behaviour. Expert estimate that as we dip closer in 2020, 50% of searches on Google will now be done via voice search.


Voice search is done by virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant. This is made accessible through your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even desktop computers, so long as you have smart speakers. This will greatly impact SEO because compared to just typing in your concerns on the search engine, users speak in full sentences when making searches. This will greatly affect keywords because people speak to these virtual assistants in a conversational manner. Users, for example, would say, “Alexa, where can I find a reliable SEO company in Singapore?” instead of plain “SEO company in Singapore”.


When it comes to voice searches, Google prefers you to create brief, concise answers. This is because of the little connection between voice searches and looking at snippets featured by Google.


Amazon Optimization

E-commerce is becoming more widespread today where users can do purchases online. With the current SEO trends, Amazon, an e-commerce platform, has been becoming more popular. According to an e-commerce study across different countries in Europe and USA, 72% of the shoppers use Amazon when looking for products. Over half would say check Amazon before looking anywhere else. This means that people use Amazon to search for the right things products―including those that your company already offers. With this said, people rely on reviews they see on Amazon for them to know the right product to purchase. With this, it would help if your content is optimised for Amazon, aside from Google.


Mobile-First Prioritization

Mobile devices are also making a huge mark on the SEO market. During early 2019, 59% of the searches took place on mobile devices. Just as 50% of the searches might comprise of voice searches, mobile searches comprise 59% as some voice searches are done in users’ mobile phones. With this, SEO companies need to look into “cross optimization”. Sites must be mobile-friendly as well as search engines now prioritize those sites. Just as your site is mobile-friendly, your content must also voice search-friendly.



In layman’s term, blockchain technology is made to create highly secure transaction records. With this, Google highly prioritizes secure transactions in the ranking algorithm. With this step, scams and bots can be removed from the search engine, promising a good and safe experience for users. This assures Google that clicks and purchases will be done by actual people online. As we move forward to 2020, you might as well keep this technology in mind.


On-Page Optimization

In spite of the different innovations, on-page optimization is still relevant because people would still look at sites for your content. With on-page Optimization, it still remains important that you have organic and high-quality content. When generating content, make sure that it interests the users and is easy to read.


Site speed is also a factor in optimising your page. If it takes a long time before your page would load up, users will eventually become impatient and would click away. Mobile sites that are quick to load earn more mobile ad revenue and have longer sessions by 70% than those that are slow to load. 53% of the visits both mobile and desktop will be abandoned if it takes them longer than 3 seconds to load.


Your site and the content it generates must be properly target, and its function and usability properly laid out. If people do not see how your content is relevant in their daily lives, why else would they stay? With this, the graphic interface must provide your audiences with a good user experience that they find what they are looking for just as quick. Your website must be sharp in sending its intent across with attractive, functional interface.



These are just some of the trends so far in 2019. As we build up for 2020, may we learn from these current trends that would allow us to remain on our prime in the future. The digital space is moving on a fast lane and for us to keep up, we must maintain a firm grip and adapt on every change. With this, seek a reliable SEO company in Singapore that will help you and your brand.

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