Online Seminars: The State Of Webinar Marketing In Singapore

For all our careers, studies, and other interests, what do we do when we are on a slump? Yes, we rest, breathe and take it easy but the most important thing that we do is to recalibrate. This will always, always fall onto trying to get better with what we do by studying more like taking seminars and training. In other words, you upgrade. The same goes for the world of digital marketing today. If you are looking for a different method of introducing your brand to consumers, we can give you an idea: Webinars.



What Are Webinars?


If you are looking for a fresher take on marketing your business which can create new leads with no time, webinars might be your best option. To make things simpler, webinars are web seminars. You use the Internet in conducting seminars which not only allows your users to learn more about your business but allows you, too, to connect with them even better. From the words “web seminar”, webinars offer free and helpful information for audiences that will result in generating more leads and in audiences deciding to upgrade to paid services or other products. What makes webinars different? They can offer better leads and more value.



How Are Webinars Done?


No, Webinars are not entirely done like what the educational videos you see online. This, after all, is a full-blown seminar that’s based online.


First things first, like in any seminar you may have encountered, Webinars start with having a

registration. You will then receive an email confirming your slot in the event. You will also receive an email containing the link, along with recommended software programs that will be good for you to download. There will also be reminders until the live event.


There are a few elements that make a live event a Webinar. Here are these elements:


1. A live event
2. Online attendees across the globe
3. Interaction and participation
4. Streamed video of the speaker
5. Slides
6. Audio, and
7. Webinar software


Question and answer sessions are a must after the presentation because this is where the audiences engage with the speakers, thereby engaging with your brand. If there’s something you must keep in mind while setting up a Webinar event, always remember that webinars are not sale offers. The priority goes to adding value to the participants and not to you. Audiences will genuinely avail your brand if you succeeded in informing them about the necessary topics.



How Are Webinars In Singapore?


With this relatively big project, you may be wondering how Webinars are in Singapore—how the audiences in Singapore receive these live events. Well, according to research, a good 58% of marketers in Singapore use Webinars. Within this 58%, there are 32% who deem Webinar Marketing as an important digital marketing strategy. Apparently, other research shows that Webinars attract about 40% of viewers. Some also show that 2% and 5% of webinar participants do purchases from the company’s brand. More than this, 20% and 40% of Webinar participants turn into eligible leads. It is also important to consider a few things about holding Webinars like its ability to speed up your sales cycle when you include them in your sales funnel and its capability to boost your traffic, brand authority, and brand awareness. It is also a good and simple way of handling pre-sales concerns.


This relatively positive reception on Webinars in Singapore makes it all the more strategic in boosting your brand online.



Why Webinars?


Why choose to launch Webinars? How is its state in Singapore that makes it desirable to campaigning in Singapore? Here are the reasons why you must consider Webinars:


1. Makes You An Expert

By launching Webinars here in Singapore, users would get the implication that you truly are an expert within your field. This is proven just by your initiative to hold Webinars which are usually free.


2. Introduces Brand Without Selling Hard

Have you ever encountered ads that sell their brand hard? Yes, it is convenient for the marketer but for the audiences, it is simply annoying, if not pathetic. Holding Webinars is a good way for audiences in Singapore to get to know the real value of your brand.


3. Connects You To Audiences Around The Globe

Another good way about Webinars is it providing you with an avenue to engage with your audiences. Through a Webinar, you get to know your audiences and their inquiries. You also get to tell your audiences about educational things about your brand. This is a good way for you and them to build a relationship.


4. Generates New Leads

Holding Webinars, in the long run, allows you to generate new leads and to increase your ROI. As stated, Webinars may have a good future in Singapore. If done right, it even transforms your audiences into paying customers.


Now that you know a thing or two about Webinars in Singapore, it is now up to you to decide how you are going to get it done. This is a good way to boost your online presence, given the massive audience the Internet holds. However, it can be quite challenging to handle this while you are improving your own processes in your business. With this, connecting with SEO companies and SEM agencies in Singapore can always be your option, like connecting with us here at OOm!