Even though digital marketing already existed before the COVID-19 placed the world under threat, many businesses realised its value only when more consumers started to shop more online than in person due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 


This shift in consumer behaviour continues even now with the easing of the pandemic restriction. Many consumers still prefer the convenience of online shopping since they can do it whenever and wherever they want as long as they have internet access. 


In Singapore alone, 90.83% of the population can access the internet. To reach out to that group of customers,  as a business owner, you need to implement effective digital marketing strategies and create engaging campaigns to attract their attention, drive traffic, gain leads, and earn conversions to your e-commerce website.

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If you want to create a successful digital marketing  campaign, you have two options: outsourcing and in-house hiring. You can either outsource your digital marketing needs  to an award-winning digital marketing agency or build your very own team of marketers.


Nowadays, outsourcing your digital marketing needs is a wise choice, especially if you have little to no knowledge of digital marketing. On the other hand, hiring employees who excel in digital marketing is also a great idea. The only problem is that in-house recruitment is more time-consuming when it comes to accessing the right candidate and usually more expensive.


Whether you outsource or build an in-house team for your digital marketing needs, your choice  will highly depend on your goals, needs, and budget.


Read the article below to understand the pros and cons of outsourcing vs having an in-house team before deciding which is better for your business.



What Is Outsourcing?

What is Outsourcing


Outsourcing is the act of engaging an external company who is an expert in the industry to do specific services for your business. In the case of digital marketing, you can choose one of the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore and delegate your campaign to its staff. The digital agency  will be responsible for promoting your products or services  and everything related to it.


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Once you outsource your digital marketing needs to an agency, you will be working with industry experts to help implement effective digital marketing SEM strategies for your business. . However, with outsourcing, you will have to communicate what you need externally, in contrast to having a team of in-house marketers.


O Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing a digital marketing agency.

Pros and cons of outsourcing




1. Save Time

Building an in-house team requires time, effort, and high cost  before you generate any significant results. However, that is not the case when you   outsource your digital marketing needs. With outsourcing, you can let the digital marketing agency do all of its magic while observing your campaign from a bird’s eye view and see it is gaining traffic and customer engagement


2. Follow Effective Marketing Practices

Top digital marketing agencies in Singapore excel in different aspects of digital marketing. You can count on an award-winning digital marketing agency to implement effective marketing strategies based on your goals. Your outsourced digital marketing experts for your company can guarantee significant results and meet your expectations as time progresses.


3. It’s Affordable

Another benefit of outsourcing your digital marketing needs is that you will have access to the latest tools and technologies. These are software and applications used to do in-depth research about customers’ interests, behaviour, and trends, and they can also perform thorough analyses and monitor campaigns’ performance. 


You will also have direct access to the latest updates and opportunities if you work with a digital marketing agency with an official partnership with Google and Facebook. With all the manpower in place 


As long as you work with the right digital agency, they can be your one-stop solution. They can resolve your lack of manpower since they will be providing help in handling digital marketing areas like SEO, Ads Optimisation, Web Design & Development, and content creation (designers, copywriters, video & photographers). 

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1. Lack Of Total Control

The purpose of outsourcing is to work together with a company’s in-house marketers. Even though a marketing manager may not directly handle the team from their chosen digital agency, they will be able to closely monitor everything, from the timeline to the campaign’s performance. 


When you hire a digital marketing agency, you can expect to receive reports about your campaign’s performance. They will also include details on how to enhance the implementation of digital marketing strategies to increase your traffic, leads, and conversions. 


The problem, however, is that before they can implement any campaign for your company, your chosen agency will need to ask for your approval. Without your permission, they cannot proceed with anything. That is where constant communication comes in, which will help smoothen out the collaboration with one another.


2. Choosing The Right Agency Is Hard

All top digital marketing agencies function differently, as each one offers its unique brand of marketing. For that reason, choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business can be challenging. You have to find the best agency by considering a few factors, such as credibility, expertise, and range of services.



What Is In-house Recruitment?

What is In-house Recruitment


If you want to hire marketers to be a part of your company, in-house recruitment is another option. Unlike outsourcing your digital marketing needs, you have total control over your digital marketing strategies when it comes to in-house digital marketing.

Pros and cons of in house recruitment



1. Build Your Very Own Team

The best part about in-house digital marketing is that you can create your team of marketers. You will need to look for candidates who excel in various types of digital marketing  and not just in digital marketing in general. 


The main challenge is when accessing  the perfect candidate who will be part of your team of marketers and accomplish your digital marketing goals.


2. Familiarise Your Company With SEM

Your company can grow to excel in digital marketing if your marketing team has excellent qualities and experience. Hire the best digital marketers available to create a team with the potential to help your company’s growth in terms of marketing.




1. High Cost

The problem with in-house digital marketing is that it costs more money than outsourcing. Besides paying each employee for their services, you also have to provide them with employee benefits like leaves, retirement fund contributions, allowance, healthcare, etc. Some of the roles will include, SEO strategist, SEM strategist, Performance Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Designer, Copywriter and Web Developer (if required).


2. Lack of Experience and Knowledge

Hiring your digital marketing specialists is the easiest part of creating an in-house team of marketers. However, the next step can be the most challenging and time-consuming aspect because you have to brief them and make sure they will be able to grasp and learn your niche. Without knowing your products or services, it will be hard for your newly established in-house team of marketers to create campaigns that will appeal to your customers. 


If you want your business to stand out against your competitors, you have to hire someone who is not new and has no experience in digital marketing. As digital marketing continues to expand, there will be newer digital marketing terms and trends your newly established in-house teams of marketers need to know and put everything in practice. 


Remember, having extensive and profound knowledge and experience in digital marketing are a must for the development of effective digital marketing strategies and campaigns for your business. Those are something an in-house team of marketers mostly does not have since are not in an official partnership with Facebook and Google and cannot get first-hand updates from these two giants that are reigning over the digital realm.



Which One Is Better?

Outsourcing would be a better choice if you are looking for a cost-effective investment in your digital marketing needs. Look for a digital  agency that can help you implement effective digital marketing strategies! On the other hand, in-house digital marketing is an excellent idea if you have the budget and resources required to build a team of marketers.

The better option will depend on your goals and needs. If you want to know more about outsourcing, get in touch with an award-winning digital marketing agency and find out  how the agency can help you grow your business.


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