Quality vs Quantity: Which is More Important For Link Building?

Establish credibility and improve your web visibility by building high-quality links. Link building is essential for SEO and digital marketing since it lets you get ahead of the competition and earn higher search engine rankings. Every digital marketer and SEO specialist knows the importance of link building, thanks to its long-term benefits.


Even though the landscape of digital continues to change, link building will always remain to be a significant part of SEO. However, when it comes to link building, one common question is brought up by both beginner and veteran marketers: which is more vital for link building, quality or quantity?



What is Link Building


Link building is simple, but it is also one of the hardest parts of SEO services. The goal is to acquire links from other websites and redirect users to your own. As you earn more backlinks, Google will recognise your website as credible and trustworthy.


To enhance the effectiveness of your link building strategy, you should earn backlinks from authoritative websites with a high number of visitors. These sites are visited frequently, which means you have a better chance of directing traffic to your website as well.


Your SEO rankings can significantly increase if you continue to do link building in the long run. Google will notice that your website is credible enough, thanks to your high-quality backlinks. How else can link building benefit your SEO rankings?


  • Establish your credibility and authority
  • Increase your SEO rankings
  • Drive organic traffic to your website
  • Get more opportunities to boost sales


However, is link building enough to boost your SEO rankings? What will happen if you have a large number of decent backlinks?



When it comes to link building, you might encounter two scenarios.


The first scenario is getting a decent number of backlinks from reputable websites. This scenario focuses on the quality of your backlinks, as opposed to quantity, where you can obtain as many links as you can.


As for the second scenario, you could forget about the quality of your links and obtain as many backlinks as you can from various websites instead. The goal here is to focus on quantity over quality by acquiring a large number of backlinks. You can do so by commenting on blog posts and joining link directories to rank on top of search engines.


At first, you might think that obtaining many backlinks is the best way to generate results. However, in the long run, quality trumps over quantity. How so?



Quality Over Quantity

Link Building Quality over Quantity


In the end, high-quality backlinks matter the most when it comes to link building. Remember, Google will recognise your website based on its association with other domains. That means if your backlinks come from unreliable websites,  Google will find your site just as sketchy as well.


The purpose of link building is to establish your credibility so you can earn Google’s trust in return. Doing so should increase your SEO rankings, especially if you continue to do link building and obtain high-quality backlinks in the long run. Your web visibility for organic search will improve, allowing your online presence to grow.


High-quality backlinks should be your priority. Instead of acquiring as many links as you can, think about the value of the backlinks first. They will benefit your SEO rankings and web visibility. Not to mention, Google will find your website more reliable and trustworthy.


Try to obtain as many high-quality backlinks from reputable websites as possible. More quality backlinks will result in better rankings for your website, so get in touch with potential partners on the web to begin right away.


On the downside, since high-quality backlinks are valuable, acquiring them is difficult and possibly more expensive. Unless you already have an established brand name with connections to reputable websites, link building is going to be more time-consuming and challenging.


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Fortunately, the results of high-quality link building are worth your time and hard work. There’s a reason why link building is essential for SEO services, and it is because your online presence will grow and your search engine rankings will skyrocket.




As much as possible, try to focus on quality over quantity when doing link building. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your number of backlinks as well. Try to balance both the quality and quantity of your backlinks so you can get the best results out of your SEO campaign.


Remember to survey other parts of your SEO campaign as well. If you need help in managing your SEO campaign, try to incorporate other efficient tactics into your marketing strategies, such as social media marketing and content marketing.


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