Venturing online these days will usually lead you to topics that have saturated search results for the past few years. This is a result of that time when, people realized that, these specific topics would make them rank better online. Yes, it worked of course for a little while, yet they kept at it for several more years up until today. These days, it’s usually the same type of topics but now they’re vying to see who’s written a better version. This competition results in a mundane and quite horrendous repetitive sea of different content that talks about the same thing over and over again.


Rather than try to be creative or even decide to (knowing that they are already creative), SEO’s mostly just tend to pick topics that are already out there. Sometimes, the idea of serving something good for the visitors of a site gets forgotten. Of course following correct ideas and actions is okay. Yet if everybody just decides to follow a trend for a long time, things get a little stale. This may be because not everyone understands it. After all this time.


Here’s some topics that are famous but are actually already so used up (But are just begging for everyone to get their point.):


Importance Of Content

At this point in time, everybody online must have some amount of idea on why content is, indeed, important. But somehow, this may be still a good topic out there because, not all people online follows this or believes that content is important. A lot of business men still prefer to shun content in favour of other things. This topic may still be important, yet obviously, there’s yet to be a post about it the would make everyone understand its point 100%. And that’s the problem.


Importance of Original Content

UNFORTUNATELY, there are still quite a number of websites (and therefore website owners) that would rather copy things from other websites and place it on their own. *Perhaps maybe this topic is still a bit important out there because, there are still people that don’t get it. This topic has been running online for so many years. It’s right there. Yet people still tend to disobey. Actually, copying content is a sign of laziness if you think about it a little bit. Why on earth, in your business, would you do that? Originality these days is one of the keys to become successful online.




Content Marketing/Effective Content Marketing/Importance Of Content Marketing

A lot of people think of this only as sharing it on Facebook or something but they always tend to forget the part where you make content that’s actually sharable. Thinking about the audience is a very important prerequisite when writing something and an important factor that will render it more effective. If for example you have a website about Cats (which are still big in the internet), would your audience want to read about a thousand word post about Cars? Would they even want to share it on social media? There are a lot of websites that do not have social media channels. So..


Social Media

Having a channel for socializing is a really good way to get close to your audience. Yeah, you can have discussions on comment sections on your website, yet it’s obviously way different when you’re on Social media. It’s more laid back and people can share more things. Keep in mind that majority of the whole human race are always online on social media. Why wouldn’t you want to be in there as well? Everyone’s in it. That’s where the audience is. Of course, it’s not like it’s a fad that you ought to be in it too. Reaching your audience on Social Media is an automatic (and should be) an obviously important part of any strategy for SEO.


Reasons to use Infographics

There may be a few people out there that don’t use Infographics as part of their SEO strategies because they might think it’s all too cartoony. Yet the point that’s being missed there is that humanity is attracted to colour and imagery. Yes, on a professional point of view for things, there shouldn’t be too much colour and pictures, yet an audience would always want something different.

Showing a table of numbers and data can be the most boring things you can show a person. (Well, it may depend on the person) But if these data can be translated into graphs, pie charts and bar graphs with a little creativity, and place them on an infograph, it would be more interesting and faster to understand.


But in essence, there’s nothing wrong with using these topics. These are Evergreen topics and everyone needs them. And that’s their point. That’s the reason why they are still all out there. To keep everyone informed. The sad part is that some people still tend to not follow, apply or understand what they are reading.


There are a few websites though that mostly have new and interesting topics in which they make sure they always deliver to their audience.
Like Moz for example:


How Google’s Evolution is Forcing Marketers to Invest in Loyal Audiences – Whiteboard Friday


Not only is that topic important, it’s new. It’s a fresh type of topic for any audience. The point here is that because everything out there right now seems the same for the audience, trying to put something different out there will be quickly noticed.


Remember kids, originality is really cool. Seriously.

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