Should Marketers Use IGTV?

Early in 2018, Instagram launched its latest feature, IGTV.


While the newest video format hasn’t hit it big yet, it already presents a valuable opportunity for digital marketers who are looking to expand their reach.


But, should you be using it?


Having a better understanding of what IGTV is and how it works can determine whether or not you should include it in your marketing strategies. So, in this article, we take a closer look at IGTV and how you can make the most from it.


What’s IGTV? 

IGTV is available on Instagram and the desktop version but, it’s also a standalone app that allows you to create your own channel, watch and upload videos that can be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. (NOTE: Major brand names with huge followings on Instagram get to have up to 60 minutes of run time.) You can think of it as something that’s less raw than a Story but not as polished as YouTube videos.


Initially, IGTV only allows vertical videos but in its previous statement, Instagram announced that it now supports both vertical and horizontal IGTV videos. It means greater viewing experience for users and better engagement opportunities for you.



Get Started with IGTV for Marketing 

For starters, IGTV offers a new opportunity to create and share content to engage followers. While it’s somehow similar to Boomerang and YouTube, it adds a different dimension to the content in terms of format and versatility as it’s built specifically for mobile viewing.


If you’re ready to get started with IGTV, what follows are the steps to jumpstart your IGTV strategy.


  • Set up your IGTV – To set up your channel, you can download the free app and connect your Instagram account. You can then create a channel just as you would when creating a social media account. You can also set up your IGTV via desktop.
  • Create and upload – After setting up your channel, you can then create and upload videos to share with your followers. While you can’t record videos directly within the app, there are at least two ways how to upload videos to IGTV: via mobile or via desktop. Here are some tips to optimise your videos.


  1. Videos should be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.


  1. Add a title, description, and cover image that will attract users to watch.


  1. Keep the title within 20-25 characters.


  1. Add clickable links and hashtags in the description.


  1. Titles and descriptions can’t be edited after publishing so make sure they’re error free.


Once you’re finished adding these details, you can then upload the video to your channel and when it’s up, you’ll find the IGTV icon in the highlights row on your profile.


Best Practises for IGTV Marketing 

To publish videos to your IGTV channel that is actually attractive and engaging, here are some of the practises you can follow.


  • Keep your content engaging – Just because IGTV allows for up to 10-minute videos, it doesn’t mean that you should always create one. Keep in mind that an average human now has an attention span of only 8 seconds, and while a 10-minute content is good, it will not keep viewers if it’s not engaging and compelling.
  • Create a content plan – As you would plan your monthly Facebook posts, you can also create a posting schedule on your IGTV. This way, you can build a strong community who will consistently expect videos from you and keep checking back in for new uploads.
  • Listen to your audience – Viewers can like and comment on your IGTV videos, just as would they engage on any other Instagram post. These interactions can provide you with valuable insights that help you identify which type of videos work and doesn’t. This way, you can adjust your approach wherever necessary.


IGTV Video Ideas for Your Channel 

There are several types of videos you can use to boost your branding on IGTV. But, here are some that we think gets the most engagement these days:


Tutorials: How-to videos work for good reasons: they’re engaging and informative. This type of video is particularly effective for cooking, baking, crafting, and cosmetics. Take this Tasty video of making baked eggs in hash brown cups for example.



Behind-the-scenes: This video style gives an inside look of what a day in your business looks like. It can cover any topic relevant to your business including how you operate, what goes into creating your products, office tours, and the likes. Tasty’s Behind Tasty is an interesting series that focuses on what happens in the kitchen.


Company Events: Covering business events including conferences, speaking engagements and tradeshows also work on IGTV. Louis Vuitton for instance, broadcast their SS 2019 Fashion Show from start to finish, along with some behind the scene snippets.



User-generated content: Brands that leverage UGC has better opportunities to establish credibility and boost consumer confidence. You can use UGC by partnering with influencers who can review and promote your products via IGTV.


There are far more interesting videos you can use for your IGTV marketing. But, whatever you prefer, you can rest assured that IGTV can be a strong tool you can use to engage and attract an audience. Of course, we’d love to see brands get the most out of IGTV and we’re here to help.


If you’re looking for assistance with your digital marketing strategies, our social media management team at OOm can help make your content stand out. Get in touch with us today!