Skyscraper Content: What Is It And How Can It Benefit Your SEO?

The shortest word count for your blog posts should be at least 300 words. Anything lower than that may not be enough for a well-explained article or case study.


However, just because the minimum word count is 300 words, doesn’t mean all your blog posts should be around 300 words as well. Sometimes, you have to expand your research and go beyond the average word count. In that case, try creating skyscraper content for your blog.



What Is Skyscraper Content?

What is Skyscraper Content


Capturing your target audience with a successful content marketing campaign can be difficult. If you are having trouble creating high-quality content, try incorporating the skyscraper technique into your marketing campaign.


The skyscraper technique is a digital marketing strategy that you can implement on your blog to get more readers and improve SEO rankings. To do so, you need to create well-researched blog posts about trending topics. For example, if your blog is about digital marketing, you can research relevant subject matters related to search engine optimization (SEO), social media, Google, and many more.


Usually, a lengthy blog post does not automatically result in more views and benefits for SEO. Even if you write a 3000-word research article about a trending topic, it will not improve your SEO rankings or attract more readers. The trick to creating high-quality skyscraper content is to make your essay or case study longer and more engaging than your usual blog posts.


How can quality skyscraper posts benefit your SEO anyway? Here are a few reasons how the skyscraper technique can do wonders for your SEO.


1. Insert Enough Keywords

We all know that keywords are essential for SEO. However, stuffing too many keywords can harm your SEO. Fortunately, with the skyscraper technique, you will increase your usual word count, which means you can also insert more keywords.


2. Reach The Right Audience

Skyscraper posts usually get more views than ordinary blog posts with short word counts. Create quality skyscraper content to attract more readers. In doing so, you can define your target market and reach the right audience for your business.


3. Create Better Content

Are your competitors making high-quality content? If so, then try to create something even better with the help of the skyscraper technique.


Read blog posts from your competitors and discover ways on how you can improve your content creation strategies. As a result, you can improve your SEO rankings and establish a reputable online presence, all with the help of a successful skyscraper content strategy.


When making a skyscraper post, focus not just on the length or number of words, but also the quality of your content. Your goal is to create a lengthy well-explained blog post about trends and topics that could hook readers and increase your number of followers. In doing so, you can boost your SEO rankings and improve your web visibility.


The skyscraper technique is an effective marketing strategy, but only if you know how to do it the right way. Here are a few tips that should help you create quality skyscraper content for your website.



How To Create High-quality Skyscraper Content?

High Quality Skyscraper Content


The world is brimming with fascinating trends, which means you will never run out of interesting topics for your blog. Observe the current state of your industry, and look for trending topics that might benefit your readers.


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For example, if you want to publish a blog about the coffee industry, you can create skyscraper content with these following topics in mind:


  • The Price of Coffee In 2020
  • A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Caffeine
  • Which Coffee Maker Is The Right One For You?
  • The Different Types Of Coffee


These are examples of relevant topics that you could use for your skyscraper content. Apply the same technique to your blog so you can attract readers and provide them with valuable information about various trends.


2. Find A Different Angle

Countless other blog posts may have tackled the same topics, but that does not mean you cannot use them for your skyscraper posts. Find different angles and opportunities to dive deeper into the discussion so you can make the same topics more intriguing for readers.


The purpose of creating skyscraper posts is to attract readers. To do so, you need to look at the same topics from different angles. Afterwards, create original content until you have explained everything there is to know about the topic of discussion.


3. The Goal Is To Help Your Readers

What is the goal of creating a blog? You can promote your business, but the primary goal is to help readers by supplying valuable information based on current events. Provide your audience with a handful of skyscraper posts that explores well-known topics with more in-depth research and quality content.


In short, helping your audience is the main objective, while promoting your business comes second. Focus on creating skyscraper posts that not only establish your credibility but also help readers with fun and engaging content.



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