The Business Side Of SEO (SEO vs. SEM)


When we talk about the business side of things in the world of digital marketing, we all know that using two sides of the coin is the best way to go. And it has been the case for a very long time.


Good quality content plus good marketing equals success. Imagine a really good band: they may have the best songs ever made since Led Zeppelin, but if nobody knows who they are or if their songs really don’t get to be heard by a larger audience, the band will never go anywhere.


The same goes with SEO. But just like in the Music scene, there are SEO veterans that have that Punk attitude.


Let me elaborate.

For the ones who are really good at it, (and I have seen a few like this) this would most likely express dismay for how ads would take the top spot rather than those organic search results.


As you all know, there can be times that the ads will be displayed first before the organic results.



That’s cool, and we really don’t have control over that. But what if you’re company is only specialising on SEO and not Adwords? You may be number one on organic search results, but if a competitor’s ad is placed on top, a normal consumer or searcher wouldn’t know or even care about the difference.


To the more experienced SEO experts out there, there’s a certain craft to all these types of Optimization. They build partnerships and connections online, creating heavy and insightful content so they can have a place among the clouds next to these high authority websites. And all of that takes a lot of time and effort.


Even those that try to pay just to get their links included on their high authority sites, take a lot of time and effort trying to negotiate and bargain.


All these can help them gain massive amounts of authority from having to get quality links. Every few 1000-word article that gets seen on these big websites can get the right amount of push to get the rankings to hit the top spot.


But sadly, this section of SEO’s timeline has passed by. And it looks like it was already forgotten in an instant. Today, companies and agencies will have to use a number of backlinks and use it as a selling point to gain customers.


Although the number of backlinks can also have a really good effect, there’s still a question about the quality of each of them.


Also, utilising ads can already straight up get you to the top. Why bother with these primitive ways of Optimization, right?


There are a lot of SEOs out there that secretly hate paid efforts – and it understandably so. All your efforts and hardships will only be defeated in placement with a few dollars. But, like all Ghibli-type anime happy endings, there can always be a middle ground to all of this.


First of all, you can never take away the fact that offering to create a whole excel sheet’s worth of link is today’s most popular used up reason to sign up with an SEO agency. Let’s face it. That will keep happening until someone else gives a better type of way to do things, such as combining quantity and quality.


Like what we said in the beginning, in business, utilising both aspects of the game can be very beneficial. Yeah, using ads can seem like cheating; but guys, if you want to stay on top of the game, you need to consider every aspect and every small detail.


Have you been producing amazing contents, or offering products and services that’s completely fresh and unique? Boost all of that with SEM.

Want to be good at local search? Localise your keywords, set up your Google My Business listing.


Want to be seen on search for really hard, generic high competition keywords? Try utilising Adwords campaigns.


Yes, you can work with only one of them if you want to. But, remember not to limit yourself. Don’t hesitate to try other things and to develop fresh strategies. Because as the old saying goes, if there’s a will, there will always be a way. Thus, if there’s a problem, there’s always a way to get through it.