Top 3 Shopify SEO Tools 2021

Despite the drastic changes that the COVID-19 has brought to everyone, it did not stop businesses from providing the needs and wants of their customers. 


The pandemic has opened the mind of business owners, and they took this opportunity to set up their stores online. Among all of the ecommerce platforms out there, Shopify stood out the most since anyone can use it, whether or not they are tech-savvy.


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But even though that is the case, it is not easy to rank high on search engines with Shopify alone. Sure, Shopify has SEO built-in features, but they are not enough to further improve the ecommerce shop, online presence and even gain more organic traffic. 


Then what should I do?


If you want to climb up higher on Google, use Shopify SEO tools. Consider them as your added helping hands that can make everything easier.


To further convince you, here are the top Shopify SEO Tools in 2021.

Top 3 Shopify SEO Tools 2021


No marketers can live without Ahrefs since it provides a suite where they can do keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and even content gap analysis. 


That is why many SEO vendors use this to monitor the daily performance of their clients. Of all the components it has, marketers love how Ahrefs keyword research functions. After all, you only need to type the items you offer, choose which search engine and location, and Ahrefs will give you the results you are looking for. 


Here is a good example of how Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer works. 


Shopify Tool Ahrefs Keyword Explorer


With the given results, it is much easier to think of blog ideas to write and rearrange how items on your ecommerce shop show in public.


If you plan to use this Shopify SEO tool, here are the available plans Ahsefs has. Make sure to choose which you think you will be able to get the most out of.


  • Lite Edition $99 per month
  • Standard Edition $179 per month
  • Advance Edition $399 per month


SEO Booster

Another one-stop-shop Shopify SEO tool that you can rely on is SEO Booster. It has everything from SEO scan, Google sitemap, bulk image alt text, and even detects duplicate content, which you can swiftly resolve after a few clicks. 


Regardless you have little to no knowledge of SEO—you would not have a hard time managing your Shopify Shop with this. You can expect it to optimise the ecommerce platform and be ready to go live within just a few minutes.


Shopify SEO Tool SEO Booster


If you are interested in using SEO Booster as one of your Shopify SEO tool companions, here are the plans you can subscribe to!


  • Free Edition
  • Pro Edition  $29.99 per month
  • Unlimited Edition $79.99 per month



Since Shopify stores a lot of photos, it takes a while before the images completely load. Instead of letting your customers wait until they see the product they want to buy, compress all the images you upload. Doing so helps the pictures load faster and much clearer.


Take a look at the example of how the crush pics make a difference with the photo.


Shopify SEO Tool Crush Pics


As you can see, the left side looks a bit blurry compared to the right. Hence, if you use crush pics in your Shopify shop, you can expect your customers to see a more vivid image of your products and help decide that your offer is worth buying for.


The number of merchants on Shopify is increasing every day. To stay top in the growing and fierce competition, you must find the right Shopify SEO tools that will help you to the path of growth and search engine optimization in Singapore. 


Do note that you have to understand the basics of Shopify first before you can fully utilise any of the Shopify SEO tools. Once you succeed, expect improvements in your business and online presence. 


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