Website Cleansing: 5 Tips To Cleaning Your Website

This new year, everyone looks forward to a new start, especially when we are also welcoming in a new decade. Everyone is looking into cleaning up and discarding things they don’t need and start investing in stuff that they actually need. As people, many are also decided on changing their old, outdated ways. With other people’s traditions, particularly with Native Americans, they use a sage to cleanse their homes and ward off evil spirits. This concept of cleansing for the new year is the same with site owners on how they manage their websites.


Every new year, site owners consider if they need to clean their websites or not. Cleaning your website offers you a fresh start and sort of a good omen for the coming year. Well, we are not entirely sure if burning a sage will also cleanse your website but now that we are talking about it, here are a few things we can share with you.



Why Should You Clean Your Website?

Websites also get their own dust that has accumulated since time immemorial. Site owners also include cleaning websites in their routine for their websites to work in their utmost prime. This also allows you to see which pages need help and which would need the right fixing. Since you might have gotten the gist of it, how are we now going to proceed with putting in the actual work? Here are a few things to consider:


1. Clean Out Broken Links

First things first, check your links. Many site managers might have already been doing this because links just go off freely in our industry. Make sure that the links in your site are actually working well because broken links would mean poor user experience. However, it is necessary as well to double-check these links when doing general cleaning on your website. External links are a good place to start. Upon checking, the links that you think would not be relevant anymore or are already broken are best if deleted or updated.


2. Review Analytics Data And Plan What You Can Improve


This is pretty much like looking at your home and assessing what goes away, what stays, and what needs to be improved. With your website, inspect your analytics data so you would have an idea of how you can start—much like how you appraise that dusty attic of yours as you think of things on what to transform it to. You can clean up your content or come up with different ways on how to improve your website as web analytics give you substantial information.


3. Delete Or Update Content From Your Site

Going back to cleaning, go through the content from your site in your site and see which among those blogs are already too old and updated. Be mindful as well about blogs that might contain erroneous information. There have been few contentions about whether you should delete your content or not. This also includes cleaning your CMS.


4. Evaluate Site Images

We know how gruelling this can get but like your blogs and other content, you must also sift through your images and see which are already old and outdated. Especially that a holiday has just passed—you might still have those holiday photos on your site. Check your site too to know which of the images would need a serious update.


5. Update Users And Passwords

The new year is the best time to update your users and passwords. You may have overlooked a few things about the users who handle your site and accounts and your passwords. These are important things when managing a website so it is only right that you have them updated. When doing this, make sure that only the right people will have access.


Now that you have a few ideas about how you can launch your website cleaning, all it needs is for you to be more careful, meticulous, and to be able to make the right decisions based on what you and your team have decided on. Certainly, cleaning up your website can be time-consuming and gruelling but checking the crevices of your website proves to be necessary and is recommended to be done at least once a year.


However, if you are handling your website on top of handling the processes of your own business, we know that it can surely be difficult. With this, it is utmost recommended that you outsource your website management and SEO processes to professionals. There are reliable yet cheap digital marketing companies that you can trust here in Singapore, like OOm. Outsourcing your digital marketing campaigns will provide you with successful launches while saving a lot of budget. If you are interested, you can make an inquiry now!