Today anyone can look up almost everything on the internet – new ideas, simple solutions, very complex solutions, discoveries, and even exam questionnaires. The problem with the Internet though is that it has also become a tank of misinformation and crappy resources. Since anyone can post just about anything, a lot of information is conflicting but still seem convincing.


Simply put, information today is cheap.

When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive. –James Gleick


Did the internet made it easier for us to waste time and be lazy than to stay productive?


In an era of information overload, there is a big challenge here for online marketers. The ability to create high quality content has become even more difficult. With the growing number of purchases made online, the ability to convert a looker into a buyer entails a very solid SEO campaign strategy.


Do you still spend most of your time submitting articles with so-so content to hundreds of directories? Or you put more energy into making your content more “shareable” or “likeable” instead?


“Great content isn’t really great until it is found, consumed, and shared,” Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing CEO

The rise of infographics, guest posts, videos, memes, ebooks as part of content marketing means creating content that will not only “inform” your audience but also “interact” with them.  Content is one thing and content that works is another.


In order to yield the most applicable content, you have to understand what motivates your audience.
You can gather data by creating polls, using social media to generate responses and from those you can produce content that your niche audience would really like to see. Develop an understanding as to how your audience wants to consume information.


Some of the widely used content marketing strategies include:

Webinars – to get your audience attention, think of the best subject to discuss and launch webinars. Make it a point to end your webinars mentioning your services in a tasteful manner but don’t pressure your attendees into clicking this and that


Viral videos – it is much easier to convince someone to watch a video than read an article. Create your video channel on YouTube and share your content within your social circle first


Infographics – humans by nature are highly visual. The use of infographics to creatively communicate your information is a smart tactic to pass your content from one person to another.


Guest Posting – writing valuable content for someone else’s website adds credibility points and can boost your SEO value in the eyes of search engines


Blogging – it has been said that blogging is the heart of content marketing. A blog should be integrated within your website for spiders to crawl on a regular basis. Blogging about your niche builds niche authority.


Effective content marketing plan takes time to develop and the impact doesn’t happen overnight. Stay the course and keep building valuable content, in time your customers will do the selling for you.  A valuable piece of information always goes a long way.

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