Why Does Your Website Need a Revamp Like You Need a Booster Shot?

Similar to how people tend to take their health for granted, many businesses also tend to ignore the importance of web design for their websites. When COVID-19 placed the world under threat and almost everyone was on lockdown, it was only then that they realised the significance of these two. 


While the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot cannot ensure 100% protection from being infected with COVID-19, it lowers the chances of getting exposed to virus transmission. Redesigning a website also does the same thing. Due to the shift in consumer behaviour caused by the pandemic, a website has become a reality for everyone, and revamping is one of the ways to thrive and stay afloat in the current situation. 


Before we discuss the reasons why your website needs a revamp, much like you need a booster shot, let us explain what a website revamp is. 

What Is Website Revamp?

It is the process of changing the design and layout of a website, from the colour scheme to the structure. The goal of website design updates is to make a website look good and relevant. The more presentable it is, the more visitors will likely stay longer on the website.


Website Revamp

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If you were to connect a website revamp to a booster shot, it becomes an extra dose for enhancement. Your updated website and design for your company become less vulnerable to viruses and hackers. 


Below are the explanations why your website needs a revamp like you need a booster shot. 

5 Reasons Your Website Needs A Revamp Like You Need A Booster Shot


1. Make A Good Impression

If your website goes through a revamp process. By improving the elements and adding essential features, visitors will become impressed with how easy it is to navigate your website. 


When someone decides to go to your website, the new look of your website design can make a great impression on them. It will not only affect the perception of your customers, but it will also improve their likelihood of buying from your website.


Redesign a high-quality website so you can make a good impression. You can start by improving the loading process of your website by using eye-catching images together with engaging content.


2. Drive More Traffic

It does not matter how beautiful your website is if no one else can see it. You must optimise it for search to help increase the number of visitors.


In other words, if you do not show your vaccination status, no one will know whether you got boosted or not. The only way to reassure everyone around you is to carry it always and exhibit it whenever someone asks.


In terms of website development, optimising your website for search can improve the website’s performance and functionality. The enhancement of the technical aspect of your website directly influences your search engine ranking.


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3. Improve The Security Of Your Website

Viruses and hackers are some of the threats lurking around the internet and your website. If you do not improve the security of your website by going through website updates and debugging, the private data of your customers will more likely get compromised. 


In the event that your customer details were leaked, you can expect them to lose trust in your business and replace you with an alternative business they think is much safer and that can provide for their needs. 


Getting A Booster Shot For COVID-19 vaccine

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All the same, if you do not get a booster shot, most of your family and friends will see you as a threat that will put their health and lives at risk of virus transmissions. That is why you should improve the security of your website as you increase your immunity against COVID-19 with a booster shot. 


Below are the things you need to do to improve the security of your website.


  • Use a strong and complex password
  • Limited login attempts
  • Opt for software with automatic updates
  • Implement backup storage
  • Secure website server
  • Invest in a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate


4. Better Search Engine Rankings

Updating both the frontend and backend of the website regularly prompts Google that your web page is up to date. Regular maintenance will also work on page speed. All in all, it helps with core web vital scores, including the improvements of the user experience (UX) of website visitors.


The UX refers to how your visitors visit your website while they are browsing through your website. Having a good UX and user interface (UI) will influence your website visitors to stay longer on your web domain means your website could receive lower bounce rates, and it will help with better search engine rankings.


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Overall, it will contribute to search engine optimisation efforts to help the web page rank better on SERPs.If you were to compare it with a booster shot for the COVID-19 vaccine, a better search engine ranking means you will have better health. 


5. Ensuring Your Website Is Responsive On Different Devices

The majority of people nowadays often surf the internet using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. According to Statista, more than 90% of the global internet population goes online using mobile devices.


This ratio is not that surprising since mobile devices are more convenient than laptops, which makes it easier to bring it around. The problem, however, is that if you do not consider revamping your website to have a responsive web design to cater for the mobile audiences, you should expect that 90% of the visitors might not be able to view your website in its correct layout. For example, some of your texts or images will be cut, with unoptimised font size for smaller screen sizes. 


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Your website not having a responsive web design is like not getting boosted for the COVID-19 vaccine. You are losing the opportunity to increase your protection against the coronavirus, which makes you more vulnerable as time passes.


Like how you have a responsibility to take good care of your health, you also have the power over your website and its design. All you need to do is perform website design updates regularly to ensure your website will stay relevant at all times.


If you need help with your website development, reach out to a top web design agency in Singapore. 


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