4 Hacks To Target The Right Customers With Data

Data is powerful since it can be used to influence others to persuade them to take action, and gain more profit. Try these four tried-and-tested ways to use data to target the right customers: 1) Build A Rich Overview of Customers; 2) Mine The Data To Act On The Signals; 3) Craft The Right Message With Creatives and 4) Deliver The Output Across Platforms.

An effective digital marketing campaign is about getting your message through, leaving a mark in people’s minds and nudging them to take action. Sounds simple enough, right? But no, it is only easier said than done.


Nowadays, managing digital marketing campaigns for targeting the right customers requires knowing more than the age range you want to reach and what the customers want to hear.

In other words, you need to have a deep and better understanding of who your customers are, from their personalities, behaviours, and psychologies.


The question is, how can you do that? With data, of course. By using data, you can create more relevant digital marketing campaigns. As such, they will become meaningful to your customers and profitable to you as a company.


To guarantee that, here are some tried and tested ways to use data for targeting the right customers.

4 Ways to Use Data For Targeting The Right Customers


1. Build Rich Overview of Customers

Whether you recently established your brand or have been in business for years, you relatively have a complete view of your customers. They do, however, exist in small bits of pieces scattered throughout the company. 


That means the data is not yet ready to use until you combine every piece like a jigsaw puzzle. To do so, you need a Customer Data Platform (CDP) tool to help you gather data and integrate everything to build valuable customer profiles.


Build Rich Overview of Customers

Besides feeding and saving data in a CDP tool over time, you also need advanced analytics to refine everything. And as the system of the application learns, it can segregate the data into subsegments. They can be information that customers leave behind when browsing the internet like: 


  • A website visit 
  • If they bought anything on a mobile app or website
  • Show interest in a particular product on social media. 


Once done building a rich overview of customers, you can think of better ways to approach them with the digital marketing campaigns of your company


2. Mine The Data To Act On The Signals

With a rich overview of customers you made, you can determine at a glance which optimal content to provide to a target audience at a specific time and channel. 

And since there are several different customers out there, machine learning is used to know their potential worth. Afterwards, it matches messages, offers, and experiences to those customer scores and prioritises what digital marketing campaign delivered and when.

Mine The Data To Act On The Signals


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They are signals like “cart abandoned” or “browsed but did not purchase”. And knowing these ahead of time allows you to take action and convince them to reconsider their action or choice. 


3. Craft The Right Message With Creatives

Even though understanding and knowing how to engage with your customers count, it is not enough to keep them entertained and nudge them to take action. 


The only way to do that is to craft the right message with beautifully-designed creatives. In doing so, your brand will stand out from the rest as your digital marketing campaign will get remembered by many.

Writing A Blog


To do that, consider doing the following.


  • Know who your target audience is
  • Create content and match it their persona
  • Make a unique art style of your images
  • Incorporate relevant keywords


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4. Deliver The Output Across Platforms 

Sharing your digital marketing campaigns can be done in several ways besides publishing them on your website. If you want your output to reach out to many people, you should consider sharing your digital marketing campaign on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Social Media Platforms


As such, your output might be able to reach 3.96 billion social media users worldwide if you are lucky. But a portion of it can make a difference in your traffic, leads, and conversions. 


Nevertheless, you should deliver and share your digital marketing campaigns where your most targeted audience is so you can meet your goal. 

Use Your Data To Your Advantage!

Like playing poker, you should use your data well. Doing so will help you target the right customers with your digital marketing campaigns and make a significant profit in the end. 


If you need help to use your data to target the right customers, OOm can help. As an award winning digital marketing agency, we have a lot of cards hidden in our sleeves.