4 Reasons SEO Automation Matters to Your Business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the seamless ways to get exposure for your business. With 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide and counting, it is not surprising that SEO will benefit businesses, whether startups or large enterprises. 


To improve your SEO strategies, you need to embrace automated technology. Adding SEO automation to your business can help enhance the efficiency of your SEO marketing campaigns, generate more traffic, and gain leads.  


SEO automation involves using software or tools in executing specific SEO tasks such as web performance audit, rank tracking, backlink analysis, etc.  Automation helps in performing menial tasks to save time and money, which lessen your workload.


In summary, the goal of SEO automation is to ease and simplify your SEO processes. As such, you can focus more on other significant tasks of your business. 


To further convince you why you should opt for SEO automation, we listed some reasons below. Reading them might help persuade you to try including them in your following SEO campaigns and tasks. 

4 Reasons SEO Automation Matters to Your Business

1. Deliver A Personalised Experience.

SEO Automation Deliver Personalised Experience


Between these two dialogues above, which one do you think is more personal? The right side contains a name, which makes the recipient feel valued and appreciated. 


You should know that highly relevant and personalised content generates more return on investment (ROI). According to a statistic, 80% of consumers prefer to buy from a brand that provides a personalised experience. 


That is why before you create an email or social media content and send it to your customers’ private accounts, allow SEO automation to craft custom messages that match their needs. Doing so would help change their impression of your brand.


2. Save Time on Recurring Tasks.

Whether you are a startup or an established company, time is the most valuable resource you have on hand. Even though sending emails and posting media posts does not take much time, you would have a hard time doing them once your business grows further. 


By then, you only have two options: to outsource your SEO processes in Singapore or automate some of your SEO tasks. Either one can save your time from recurring tasks and focus more on products and customers. 


Nevertheless, SEO automation drives a 34% increase in sales productivity. You would be able to connect to your customers on personal levels and automate your SEO marketing efforts. That is why including SEO automation in your business practices is not a bad idea. It seems like you are hitting two birds with one stone. 


3. Reduce Ongoing Costs.

Besides time, money is another most valuable resource for businesses. And given our current situation, we must save up as much as we can to stay afloat in the ongoing pandemic, which is why you opt for SEO automation.


Also, relying on SEO automation allows you to save up to 12.2% of the marketing overhead expense. Since you would be using software or tools, you do not have to hire another person for the job. Just let your current staff know how to use it properly.


4. Gain An Overview of Customers’ Behaviour.

Another great thing about SEO automation is that you can collect data from several marketing channels. Those pieces of information would help you analyse your potential customers and give ideas on how you should approach them. 


Here are some of the SEO automation tools that could help you: 



Using these would help you understand the behaviour of your potential customers towards your brand and further understand what they need and want. 



Automating SEO tasks and campaigns is a balance between science and art. You would need to rely on technology to leverage your processes, along with human sights. These two ensure everything would run smoothly, and your SEO would create an impact on your potential customers. 


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