5 Effective Ways To Promote And Run A Virtual Event

The Internet is a big part of our everyday lives, and the pandemic has even proved that point even further. Many of us are relying on the Internet to gather credible information, consuming entertainment, and most importantly, connecting with others.


Many people prefer to communicate with others online since it is much safer and more convenient. In that case, try hosting a virtual event for your business!


Virtual events are becoming more commonplace, which is why it might be a good idea to host one for your audience. You can plan a virtual event to interact with your target audience and keep customers engaged and updated.


However, compared to promoting a live event, virtual events require slightly different methods of marketing. Fortunately, you can try different digital marketing strategies to reach and attract as many people as possible.


When it comes to running virtual events, digital marketing is your best friend. Not to mention, with a few digital marketing strategies, you can boost your SEO rankings and get better web visibility. As a result, you can direct more traffic to your website.


Here are some of the most effective ways to run a virtual event!



5 Effective Ways To Promote And Run A Virtual Event

5 Effective ways to promote virtual event


1. Crowdsource Topics And Suggestions

Before you host a virtual event, it might be a good idea to seek advice and suggestions from your followers and customers. Not only will you be able to receive genuine customer feedback, but encouraging user-generated contributions is a great way to earn trust and make your customers feel connected with your virtual event.


You can request suggestions and feedback from your customers or social media followers in many ways, such as:


  • Posting commercials on social media
  • Launching ads
  • Sending emails
  • Creating a survey


Crowdsourcing is an excellent idea, especially if you want your audience to connect with your virtual event on a personal level. In doing so, you can also provide your customers with what they need, thus improving the chances of running a highly successful virtual event.


2. Promote Your Virtual Event On Social Media

Social media marketing is the simplest and most cost-effective way to promote your virtual event. After you gather enough user-generated contributions, try to compile your data and make an effective marketing strategy based on your findings. Then, you can create high-quality ads or videos and post them on social media for everyone else to see.


Try to promote your virtual event on social media at least weeks before your virtual event will take place. Also, remember to use hashtags in the form of keywords to increase the relevance of your social media posts. Using hashtags can indirectly boost your SEO campaign, as long as you utilise the right keywords properly.


3. Send Emails

Remember a while ago we mentioned that crowdsourcing is a great way to plan your virtual event? Perhaps the best way to do so is by sending emails to loyal customers and followers.


Emails may seem like a thing of the past, but they are still a pretty big part of marketing in this day and age. Email marketing is an effective strategy for informing your audience about the latest news, updates, and upcoming events.


However, if you plan to send emails, remember not to annoy your subscribers by spamming their inbox. Send emails sparingly from time to time, and make sure you are delivering them to the right audience.


4. Introduce Experts And Guest Appearances

If you want to make your virtual event more appealing to viewers, try to find a guest who can spice things up for a change. Look for an expert or well-known professional in your industry who can provide viewers with relevant topics and information.


Think of it as hosting a talk show, with your guest doing all the talking while you come up with relevant topics and questions. To make things even better, you could also oblige your viewers to interact with the guest, similar to how a radio host looks for interested listeners who want to ask something related to the subject matter.


5. Host A Giveaway Or Contest

Some YouTubers present a giveaway or contest in their videos to attract more views and engage with the viewers. You can do the same for your virtual event by hosting a giveaway that will encourage viewers to participate!


You can offer some of your best-selling products or services, as long as your customers will participate in your virtual event from start to finish. In doing so, your customers have something they can look forward to before your virtual event takes place.




Running a virtual event takes careful planning and execution. Take your time planning your virtual event, and remember to implement effective SEO services so you can boost your rankings in the process.


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