5 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Creative Writers

For what is the life we have if it were not for creative writers who bring us the best movies, novels, TV shows or even video games that we become hooked to? Creative writers imitate different fragments of life in vivid colours for us to become immersed in. With the brilliant image creative writers paint through words, we get to stand afoot and assess the situation every character is in. We get to see the root cause of why every character does what they do. Every experience they provide us with allows us to become transported to a new world in contrast to our daily, repetitive lives.


Today, it cannot be denied how firmly rooted digital technology is on most aspects of our lives. With every process, we would need the help of digital technology. This includes marketing where content marketers have made their mark in the massive space with SEO and SEM companies.


You have probably read our recent article about what content marketers can learn from journalists. If you haven’t, this link can bring you to the said article. Just as the world has become heavily reliant on the space offered by digital processes, let’s hear about what creative writers can tell content marketers:


Show, don’t tell

One of the hallmarks of creative writers is to make the readers become one with the text. It is as if the readers feel what the characters feel, see what they see, hear what they hear, and more. If the characters are hurting, you feel the same pain in your chest that brings you to cry alongside them. When the characters are ecstatic, you can’t help but smile as well. The secret is to how they convey every emotion or event that makes readers see and become one with the text. It is one thing to tell that the food is delicious – it is entirely another when you frame how it is delicious. With content marketers who introduce a wide range of brands to readers, this is an important lesson and a skill to be grasped. Your audiences will be urged to patronise your brand or try it out once you make them feel what is it like to use their products.




Be conscious with your command in language

While it is true that language is also a cultural thing, – its use varies per group of people – it is still a must that we observe proper grammar when constructing content for digital marketing. The quality of your work and grammar would also say a lot about the company you are writing for. This is also important to have a clearer message you want to impart upon the audience. It is always a must for creative writers to be conscious about their grammar because it is the main canvass of their art. Content marketers should also keep this in mind.


Wit is key

Creative writers, like any other artist, must have a mind nourished with an endearing knack of creativity. This what makes people become hooked or engaged with your work. This wit is also what makes you and your art unforgettable, if not hard to forget. This wit or creativity that creative writers and other artists possess will be a good arm for content marketers to equip. Many campaigns with different kinds of wit has been successful. Instead of simply introducing the brand, it would be better to be more creative or witty about it.


Do your research

If you have read about our recent article about journalists and content marketers, you would also know how important it is to research. Contrary to popular belief, creative writers also get their own fair share of research when writing, even if they are writing fiction. Just like what journalists would say, content marketers should also have enough research about the brand they are putting up. The data they offer must also be factual.



Know your audience

Creative writers write about how it is to be human – its raw experience collected and properly sifted through a wide choice of words. That being said, creative writers are properly attuned with their humanity. They see to it that they would properly digest the depths of the human soul before they convey it in a prism of words and representations. They would know how it is like to be human and how someone with this much upbringing would react to particular scenarios. With this, content marketers could also channel this empathy by knowing what their audience wants before they would ever launch a campaign. Some content marketers do mistakes of mechanically ascribing or imposing campaigns on their audience. They must know the exact pulse of the popular culture, so they would release content where people would feel being one with.



If creative writers can tell a thing or two about content marketers and help each other out, these would probably be some of it. When it comes with putting up your brand, it must be done in a creative and strategic fashion, so audiences will become hooked. If you need help in putting up creative and strategic content for your brand online, seek the help of an online reputation management provider here in Singapore.