5 Tips For Generating Leads On Linkedin

Social media marketing is the new way to advertise products, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Most job seekers know that Linkedin is where you connect with other professionals, while for corporations and companies, Linkedin is for expanding their network or using it for their marketing strategy. 


Digital marketing in Linkedin is a convenient way for marketers. They can narrow down their specifics like company, location, industry, and even job level to focus on their target market. Marketers also choose Linkedin because they can have a personal approach to introduce their ads to online users.


It’s indeed convenient and easy to set up Linkedin ads in Singapore. However, generating leads is another step you need to consider. After publishing an ad, it does not automatically mean you can pique the interest of your potential customers. 


The success of your Linkedin ads will depend on how you can attract, encourage and entice online members. To achieve it, we will list down new ideas to make your Linkedin social media marketing more effective in Singapore. 

How to Generate More Leads on Linkedin

1. Expand and Add More Connections

If you see “People Also Viewed” or “People You May Know”, take this opportunity to send them connection requests to broaden your network. These two features display a list of Linkedin members with similar interests, industries, and job titles. As you connect with more members, you increase your chances of attracting the right people.


The best way to do social media management in Singapore is to filter your audiences and focus on your target market. The good news is that Linkedin offers marketers these features to generate more leads. 


2. Look at Their Skills Endorsements

The saying birds of the same feather flock together is also applicable to Linkedin members. To find new prospects, you can scroll through your connection’s skills endorsements and see the people with the same interests—some members who endorsed them may be their bosses, colleagues, or employees. 


This technique allows you to expand your network within your target audience’s inner circle. And eventually, you can generate more leads with your Linkedin ads by selecting and narrowing your prospects. 


3. See Members Who Interacted With Your Posts

Another feature you need to take advantage of is the “Posts & Activity.”  You can see members who interacted with your posts in this feature, whether you’re on a free subscription or a premium account. 

As you click the “Posts & Activity” tab, you’ll see all of your shares, posts, and Linkedin Ads. In addition, you can also see the members who interacted with your previous postings. These members can also be a good prospect, so take time to send them a connection because there’s a high chance they are within your target audience.


4. Get to Know Your Connections and Prospects

One mistake you should avoid is to pretend that you know your connections. Mindlessly connecting with possible prospects will only backfire. It is similar to adding a friend on Facebook without knowing anything about the person.


You can send a message by introducing yourself and initiating conversation to know your connections more. You can also check their profiles to learn more about their job and company. Once you get to know them, you’ll enrich your relationships and improve your social media management and digital marketing in SG. 


5. Create Effective Linkedin Ads

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to create effective Linkedin ads. Truthfully, gaining more connections is not a guarantee that you will magically improve your digital marketing performance instantly. But the solution is to find your prospects and mix them with successful Linkedin ads. 


To create Linkedin ads, you must first determine what type of content you want: text ads, display ads, dynamic ads display, sponsored ads, awareness ads, etc. After this, you can now design and create quality content that will encourage people to interact with your postings. 


For professional help, partner with a social media marketing agency to help you create Linkedin ads that reflect your brand and values. 

Get Started with Linkedin

Often, business owners do not consider Linkedin as their platform for digital marketing. But, as you get to be familiar with Linkedin’s features, you’ll see how it can help you reach the right target audience. Remember that being well-versed with social media marketing can help your business survive in this competitive digital era.


So, if you want to get started with Linkedin, contact OOm, a social media marketing company in Singapore. Contact us today by visiting our website.