An interesting headline about a topic online encourages being clicked. The actual post has to be long enough.



In creating a blog post for a brand, long form is advisable to produce more backlinks. It is best to put substance in the written copy. Backlinks that are made of good quality are sought. Marketers for digital have to do continuous linking from the written copy. Connecting the article to related sources is necessary. The target reader who is able to learn more from additional sources about the topic through the blog post becomes grateful. When the word count is 2,000 and up, chances are higher for backlinks. Word count below 2,000 belongs to short form.


2. Giving Value to SEO for Years


A blog post is produced for seo services in Singapore to be valued. Letting the written blog be read for years is the goal. Keeping it evergreen and practical for many years has to be done. In the aspect of doing seo, there are more advantages for the blog post. Regular updating of the written copy is necessary. This is for organic traffic to increase for the blog. Also, the rankings of the blog are aimed to be higher on the search engine. The possibility of seeing it on page one takes a lot of effort.


3. RankBrain of Google Wants It Long


There is an algorithm for machine learning known as RankBrain. With it, more understanding is grasped at Google for complex searches. It is through it that the user sees the keyword results. In coming up with long written form, LSI keywords and phrases are used a lot. Interpretation of the topic desired becomes easier for RankBrain. Higher ranking of the blog post is generated based on the keywords being targeted. An analysis of keywords is performed to determine which ones make higher rankings.


4.Click-Through-Rate Goes Up


SEO marketing in Singapore aims to increase the click-through-rate. As it rises, the long written copy experiences the benefits of seo indirectly. A meta title that is optimised along with the description affects the click-through-rate. An article with longer word count is more beneficial. This is because descriptive meta tags that have keywords of long tail are produced. In the aspect of search engine result page (SERP), positioning goes up. Likewise, more readers are attracted to the blog post.


5. Email Subscribers Increase


In the practice of digital marketing, long written copy is converted into different files. These include a PDF, guide or infographics that the user may download for future reference. With this action, an increase in leads is generated. When a free file is downloaded, the user is encouraged to subscribe to the email. In this manner, there is an exchange for another. By providing a long blog post, it is possible for the subscribers to multiply ten times. Quicker results occur from a collective mailing list.


6. Share More on Social Platforms


As the written copy published becomes longer, more readers are encouraged to browse through it. Having an edge over the rivals is the goal. To be known more than the rival is determined through user engagement. It is important for the blog post to inform the reader of what he wants to know. Make it engaging as well for him to reach the last line. Encourage him to share the post on different social platforms. Letting the blog post go viral online may be achieved. This indicates that seo services in Singapore for the content has an impact on the user.


7. Brand Becomes Stronger


A brand that comes up with substantial content is bound to be stronger. Providing what the reader wants to know about the product or service is essential. Information that is original becomes attractive. When the information is based on substantial research, it lets the reader linger on the post. Coming up with a following takes a lot of effort. Boost the credibility of the brand by letting the reader digest information for his benefit. To be considered as an expert in the industry of the brand, there is trust in the information received.


8. Let Dwelling Be Longer


Through the efforts of seo marketing in Singapore, the blog post is seen on the search engine. With the long written copy, the reader is enticed to stay on the page. It gives the impression that all of the necessary information is in the copy. Looking at other sources may not be done anymore. As the reader spends more time on the post, the website developer becomes happier! Certain benefits for seo are reaped such as higher SERP ranking and decreased bounce rate.


9. A More Engaged Reader


In digital marketing, long written copy tends to engage the reader more. Especially at first glance, the layout seems to show everything that has to be known about the topic. When information shared comes from research combined with graphics of good quality, the reader may stay. Being honest in imparting information to the reader is crucial. This action raises credibility for the author. The presence of trust in the information shown is vital. Otherwise, the reader may go to another page.


Be happier with more leads generated from the long blog post!

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