All About Instagram Reels: Everything You Need To Know

In August 2020,  Instagram released a new feature called Reels. Initially, it was only available in the United States and 50 other countries, but now all Instagram users in Singapore can use Reels since October 27, 2021. 


Nevertheless, this brand-new feature is Instagram’s answer to TikTok, another leading social media app that has been taking the world by storm. Because of Instagram Reels, local businesses have more chances to showcase their products and services.


The best part about Instagram Reels is that you can use this feature for social media marketing to promote your brand and raise awareness. It is a fun and interactive way to garner attention from your Instagram followers.


That is why if you plan to use Instagram Reels for your business, here is everything you need to know about Instagram Reels and how you can use it for social media marketing in Singapore.


With Instagram Reels, you can record and edit up to 60-second  video clips then share them on your Instagram Stories. Also, it is possible to view all your or other users’ Instagram Reels by clicking on the Reels icon highlighted in the red box below.


IG Reels Tab Home Feed


The icon in the red box in this image is where you can watch Instagram Reels uploaded by other Instagram users and content creators. Think of this part as Instagram’s version of Tik Tok’s For You Page, where you can access trending Reels made by creators and brands.


You can find your uploaded Reels at the Reels icon tab located at your Instagram profile page.


IG Reels Tab


For the most part, Instagram Reels algorithms work similarly to TikTok. It will all depend on the user’s interest, past search terms, similar pages that the user has interacted with before.


The type of Instagram Reels that will show up on your feed will depend on a few factors. Instagram’s algorithms should display Reels that contain the following:

  • Entertaining content
  • The use of creative tools (e.g. camera effects, filters)
  • Vertical videos
  • Music
  • Inspirational messages


Another similarity Instagram Reels have with Tik Tok is its pixel dimension of 1,080 x 1,920. In an aspect ratio that is equivalent to 9:16. Make sure to take note of that measurement before posting any social media marketing campaign for your company so that the uploaded video sizes are optimised for viewers. 


To make things entertaining to your viewers, you could edit your recordings by adding music and filters from the Instagram app before directly uploading them. As such, they would become more captivated with your Reels. 


Furthermore, Instagram filters out Reels that present poor-quality content. Therefore, if  the short video of your social media marketing campaign is blurry and does not meet Instagram’s community guidelines, it will have a low chance of appearing on other Instagram users’ Explore Page.




Since Instagram now offers a wide range of options for content creation, using Instagram for social media marketing seems like a good idea for businesses that need to boost their online presence. 


Thanks to Instagram Reels, brief videos that end in 60 seconds or less are now the leading type of content on social media. With a fast paced lifestyle, people have short attention span and hence, videos less than 60 seconds on Reels are a great form of entertainment for people on the go. That is why you should consider creating short but engaging videos on Instagram to expand your reach and attract more followers.


Here are some tips for using Instagram Reels for social media marketing.



When it comes to using Instagram Reels, focus on helping your customers to earn their trust. Sharing educational videos is an excellent way to establish your brand as an industry expert or leader. 

As mentioned, you can share a lot of valuable content for up to 60  seconds. Maximise your brief window of time by giving some tips or tricks on subject matters related to your business.


For example, if your business sells branded sneakers, you can create short videos with tips for cleaning shoes properly, with at least one or two sentences per caption. Not only will your tips help followers, but they can also build your brand’s credibility.


To get a clear picture on how you should share valuable information, here is a social media marketing campaign made by Adidas. 


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A post shared by adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals)

In this Instagram Reels, Adidas would like to showcase how comfortable their shoes are when worn. As such, their potential customers would become more convinced to get a pair for themselves.



Due to the integration of online shopping, Instagram is perhaps one of the most efficient and versatile social media marketing platforms today. You can use Instagram Reels and Stories to showcase your products.


Another advantage of using  Instagram Reels is that they are shoppable. That means users viewing your short video clip with a product tag can tap the “View Products” to buy, save to collection, or learn more about it.  As a result, your Instagram Reels can significantly raise brand awareness, boost sales, and drive traffic to your Instagram shop.



Connecting with your customers will be hard if people perceive your Instagram page as just another typical business. In that case, add a personal touch to your Instagram Reels by being more authentic and genuine when creating video content.


To create meaningful and authentic content for Instagram Reels, you can try sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business. Consider uploading brief videos of your team to show the experts behind your products or services. It is a simple yet effective way to gain your followers’ trust by revealing the people running your business.


Take this Instagram Reels for an example. As an award winning digital marketing agency, we would like to share our achievement with our Instagram followers. As such, they know how well we serve our clients for their digital marketing needs. 


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A post shared by OOm Pte Ltd (@oom_sg)

IG Reels vs IG Stories

All About Instagram Reels_Everything You Need To Know-01


Even though Instagram Reels and Stories are all about short video clips, that does not mean they are the same. These two Instagram features have their differences from one another.


Here are the key differences between Instagram Reels and Stories:


In Instagram Reels, users can use several creative tools such as audio, special effects, speed control, and timer. They can also combine multiple short video clips to have a cleaner and smooth transition.


Besides getting featured on the Explore Page, users can share Reels to Instagram Stories or post them to their Feed. As such, their followers can see the Reels of their social media marketing campaign anytime they want by visiting the brand’s account. 


To know where it is, let’s go back to our Instagram account. Below our bio and highlights, you can see the Reels we made by tapping the Instagram Reels icon. 


IG Reels Brand Account


Another different thing about Instagram Reels that you need to know is that if you use original audio for the social media marketing campaign, it will get attributed to you. By then, other Instagram users can also use the audio to create new Reels for themselves. 


In summary, Instagram Reels are more on content creation, while Instagram Stories focuses more on real-time events. 


That is why before you upload any social media marketing campaign on Instagram, make sure to weigh which feature is the most suitable for your content. 

IG Reels vs TikTok

Besides Instagram Stories, many people have noticed the similarity between Instagram Reels and Tik Tok. Even if you are new to these social media platforms, you can see their resemblance with each other if you take a look at the image below.


Here, you can notice that Instagram Reels and Tiktok both offer creative space to their users so they can create and share short video clips with others.


IG Reels vs TikTok


In summary the difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok are:




Since Instagram Reels is a new feature released by Instagram last October 2021, let us help you create and share one as your social media marketing campaign. Make sure to look carefully at each step below so you will not get confused.


How to Create IG Reels



That is where you can access Reels. Once you are there, simply scroll the text until you reach the feature Rels like this picture below.





Besides pressing and holding the Instagram Reel icon to capture and record footage, you can also upload a short video clip from your gallery or camera roll. 



As mentioned above, there are four creative tools Instagram Reels has to offer are:

  • (1) Audio – Choose audio suitable for your social media marketing campaign from the Instagram music library. 
  • (2) Speed Control – Allow you to adjust the speed of the video clip by going fast forward or slow-mo. 
  • (3) Special Effects – To add filters
  • (4) Timer – Helps you determine how long your short video clip will be.





When recording footage, you have two options: hands-free and tap and hold. The only difference between them is that the former allows you to record hands-free if you set the timer right. 


Nevertheless, right before you start your recording for Instagram Reels, another creative tool will appear—(5) Align. As the name suggests, this will allow you to line up the object from the previous video clip (if you have one) before recording the next one. 





Once you finish recording, you can add stickers, draw or write text to edit the Reels of your social media marketing campaign. Besides that, you could also add music from Search Music and tap any soundtrack you like. Afterwards, you can choose which part of the song you would like to be playing as background music to your Reels.

How to Share Reels

When sharing Reels you made for your social media marketing campaign—you have three options:

  • Share the short video clip to Reel tabs only (the one on your Instagram account).
  • As mentioned, you can share the short video clip to Stories, but it will disappear after 24 hours.
  • If you want the Reels shared on your stories to be still visible to the public, you can add them to your Instagram’s account Highlights.
  • Post the short video clip on your Feed, along with other posts you made. 


Since Instagram Reels is now available in Singapore, try using this feature to enhance your social media management strategy..If you need help showcasing your brand on Instagram, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a trusted social media marketing agency.

Contact our social media marketing agency at 6391-0930 for more tips and tricks.