Content Marketing: Tips On Creating Marketing Videos


It’s all about the content.


We have heard that premise too much that it has become an automatic part of our marketing strategies. But boosting the content of your online platforms should not only be focused on blogs and articles, especially if you are also pushing for social media campaigns. We have discussed before that images and videos are effective tools to communicate with the audience, and it still hasn’t change until especially videos.


How many times have you browsed through social media feeds and found yourself glued to a well-crafted video? How about spending time on YouTube searching for the best tutorials and DIYs? These videos are an even more effective marketing tool to promote your products and services, not to mention that everything can be shared now. Which means that your content materials can reach a bigger audience even if you don’t control; people are now tagging and sharing it to their friends.


With these opportunities, it’s really (and highly) recommended to maximise the use of this platform. But how? How can you create a video content that will not only be beneficial in marketing your business but will also entice your audience to actually watch and share it to their own followers? How can you make a marketing video that will rock the digital world when the competition is too tight and the Internet is bombarded with tons of video materials in a day? And most importantly, how can you create a video content that will not take too much of your time and resources?


We compiled some techniques and tips in creating video contents. These ideas should help you craft the material that will encourage your audience to get to know more about your products, your services, and your company.


Here are the top 5 things to consider when creating your video contents:



Choose A Sensible Story

This is very important. If you want your audience to actually watch the videos that you will post, make sure that you are telling a story. Well, it does not necessarily need to be the ones with introduction, conflict, climax, and resolution. Choosing a sensible story means having a definite topic on what you want to say. Do not just throw images of your products in the video and play it in loop. Check out how Nike Women provides crafts a human interest story


This instinctively human account provides viewers with an opportunity to bond with the brand.


Nike Women: Better For It

Aside from the cliche marketing videos of just the products, you should also refrain from using client testimonials in the videos. People will not watch that. Try to be creative in conceptualising the plot of your video. What’s important is that the viewers will have something to look forward to while watching. Be a storyteller to keep the video more interesting.



Show Your Brand Identity

It’s also important to keep within your brand’s personality when creating videos. What does it mean? Simply put, it has to be parallel with your other marketing materials. If you are a hip company that is targeting young professionals, the content of your video – from the cast, to the sound, up to the color choices – everything has to be aligned with your brand’s identity.


Dove: Choose Beautiful


By focusing less on their product and on their mission, Dove has successfully crafted an emotional viral video that kept them on top. In creating videos like this, you should also consider your target market. You have to make sure that your storyline and composition is something that they can relate with. It’s the personality and identity of the brand that makes it what it is, so never let go of it.



Stick With The Target Audience

As a brand or a company, you may have already identified your target market. Now, use that to your advantage when making your videos. Always consider the preferences and behavior of your target audience. You cannot just play with emotions if it doesn’t go with your brand proposition. So, for example, if you are a nursery school trying to create a marketing content to promote your school and you want to speak to mothers. You have to focus on the emotional attachment of a mother to her kids; being compassionate on your videos can help in persuading your target market.


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams: Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

Basically, your content should be clearly speaking to whoever you want to speak with. It should carry a single message and using the proper emotions that your target market would easily understand. The video above is clearly speaking to ice cream lovers, right?



No One Watches A Boring Video

Make your shots as exciting as possible. Imagine a user scrolling online and he happened to see your video accidentally. Now, the goal is to make them watch the video until it’s finished and convince them to avail your services during the process. And, believe it or not, you only have 5 seconds to do that. If in the first 5 seconds, the user won’t see something exciting on their screens, they will skip or scroll further down. If that happens, the opportunity is gone.


Google Android: Friends Furever

So, you have to always create engaging videos that will make the users watch passed the 5 seconds mark. You can add something that will trigger their interest to not hit the skip button. It can be an extraordinary visual effects, a really intriguing premise, or a potential shocking revelation in the end. Whatever it is, make sure to always keep the users at the edge of their seats. Just like how you watched those cute animals playing around for no apparent reason.



Don’t Just Sell. Introduce A Purpose

Regardless of how engaging or well-crafted your video is, if it’s too focused on selling, it will not go anywhere. Customers are smarter now; they go beyond consuming data. With the wide range of options available online, consumers now have the power to choose more than what they are offered. So, to perfectly capture their attention, you should go beyond selling.


Canadian Tire: Wheels

Adding some value on your content is really helpful. Find a social concern that you can link your brands to; or look for a current trending cause where you can offer your brand as a solution. Do not just sell; make a difference.



Additional Tips

It’s not easy-peasy, we know. But aside from the important tips that we mentioned above, here are some more pointers that you may need to consider to make sure that your videos will make wave on the Internet world:


Be mobile-friendly: Quality videos don’t have to be too large. Since most users now are on their mobile devices, make sure that they will be able to view it from there. Make sure that it’s compatible on different devices and operating systems.


Keep it short and sweet: It doesnt’ have to be too long to be relevant. Your videos should be long enough to be convey your message but short enough so it will not be too dragging.


Make it SEO-friendly: Drive more traffic and gather more audience with by incorporating SEO strategies on your videos. Make sure to maximise the proper use of keywords in the video description, and make use of appropriate tags.


Share it as much as you can: Do not waste your efforts in creating a video. Make sure that you will share it to all platforms available, and boost its presence if you can. Use hashtags and the keywords so people can easily find your content.



Say It Effectively!

In communication, the most common and overused phrase is: it’s not what you say but how you say it. And it’s still true. Regardless of what type of message you would want to convey to your audience, if the way to transmit the information is effective, it’s useless.


Since we are blessed with the latest technology nowadays, make sure that you will make use of it in the most effective way possible. Talk to your audience through videos and make them feel valued. What you say matters, but how you say it matters more.